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  1. Agreed. That's why I thought it would be worth a quiet chat with the local BT engineer to see if it was inherently due to the infrastructure or configuration (ie something that can't be changed). If there isn't a fundamental reason why there should be a drop in performance then it would be worth while getting BT to investigate further. I know of other community projects that have organised upgrades to their local network for better performance. If we were only looking at replacing a relatively short length of old cable (ie not all the way from the exchange) then I think it would be a realistic proposition to pursue.
  2. Would be interesting to see the results. I have been doing an informal survey of broadband speeds in Westerskeld after discovering a huge difference in speed between neighbours. It would appear that upto a certain point along the road folks are getting 8Mb (ish) connections & from then on everyone is getting 2.5Mb or less. We are all on the Reawick exchange and the change is sudden (ie not a progressive decrease with distance). One house is 8Mb then the next one, only a 100yards or so away, has less than 2Mb. Does anyone know who the local BT engineer is to see if they can informally shed any light on if there is a particular reason for this or if we should attempt to get BT to investigate.
  3. New Newgear Router has resulted in just over a 1Mbps drop in download speed vs my old 2wire one! http://www.mybroadbandspeed.co.uk/results/117180931.png Just ordered up a BT home Hub (v3) to see if that can do better.
  4. Are Shetland Smokehouse still producing in Shetland? They are on the Hamefarin 2010 website listed under "Shetland Products - Links to Online Shops in Shetland" http://www.shetlandhamefarin.com/shetland-products.php
  5. I nearly bought a house (and possibly two co-located on the same plot) in West Sandwick. Beautiful place, one of the best beaches in Shetland just a walk over the hill. Unfortunately it all fell through at the late stages due to title deeds. The deeds indicated that the house was built on the neighbour's land and vice-versa. This could not be resolved to the solicitor's and mortgage company's satisfaction. Advice is to proceed with caution on older properties, where the deeds may not stand up to scrutiny, always seek professional help. Other than that, there are folks around there that don't drive and make use of the busses etc to make shopping trips to the town. Does take a little more forward planning, but certainly a great place to live.
  6. Ertieiddabanks, these are two seperate projects. The first was announced widely last year and is currently under construction. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/north_east/7328398.stm The new Total project is in addition: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/north_east/7889042.stmp
  7. Boddam isn't licensed for cows over 30 months old, they have to be shipped to Orkney for testing. We have had pigs slaughtered at Boddam and found Magnus to be very helpful and always respectful to the animals. He has just done a young cow for us and butchered it aswell, made a very nice job of it. I am happy to recommend them. We have had lambs slaughtered and butchered at Laxfirth. Again, very helpful, professional and make a nice job. I can see the benefit of a new slaughter house providing modern processing facilities to allow local meat to be sold to the co-op & tescos etc. It is a real shame that the supermarkets import meat whilst stock is being exported, if we could process it locally it must benefit crofters/farmers and give a boost to the Shetland economy.
  8. mmmm, Shetland grown pork. Did I see piglets for sale on Shetlink? Look suspiciously like mine Grow your own bacon and pork, there is nothing better than the taste and feeling that you have produced your own. (Or you could have roast piglet for Christmas )
  9. That's what we are on, but don't use the heating. We use oil for the central heating; gas for the cooker; fridge freeezer, washing machine etc are A or A+ rated; every bulb in the house is an energy saver. We still pay £150 a month in electricity. We have three meters, the radio meter, a normal circuit meter and the THTC circuit meter. Between the three different readings they all tally up, but I still don't know what's using all the juice!
  10. Do the still teach the two second rule? Watch the vehicle in front of you pass a landmark - such as a sign or gate post. As it passes the landmark, say "only a fool breaks the two-second rule". If you pass the landmark before you finish saying all eight words, you are following too closely. The 2 second rule works at all speeds, no distances etc to remember. Very simple
  11. Has anyone got any good photos of yesterdays freak weather in Skeld?
  12. Rain like bullets are the crofters best friend Keeps you company whilst carrying hay round the parks. The 'interesting' bit is when you walk out of the lee of the byre and a force 9/10 hits you square in the face and completely takes your breath away...one pace back, quick gulp of air and make a run for it! Have you ever noticed that the family always look so warm and smug whilst waving out the window when you are enjoying yourself with the weather?
  13. Now that the Smokehouse is empty, what ideas are there out there for future uses? Anything you wouldn't want it used for? I would love to see an engineering company there that repairs boats. It would tie in with the marina and could bring a range of jobs locally.
  14. Ignoring the rights or wrongs of the wind farm, please could someone clarify when the decision was made to proceed with the proposal and begin the planning process? And whom made/approved this decision? I thought the whole Viking energy scheme was supposed to be a research project to develop option(s) for the council? If planning permission is now being sought, one must assume that a decision has been taken on said options?
  15. When did Shetland (or a part of Shetland) last have its own currency? When Stuart mints his first coins we'll support him so we can get some mounted for posterity. If his scheme fails then they will have a novelty value in the future, if he does succeed in his aims (an independent Shetland) then wouldn't you want one of the first new coins to be produced in Shetland?
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