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  1. The Register has another piece on this topic. In a nutshell, data access rules that currently govern 3rd party access to medical data are to cover the new mega dump of patient data... and that is Not Good:
  2. I'm finding diddly on Google or the NHS Scotland site about that but that could be down to bad google-fu. The NHS Scotland site doesn't make it obvious how to access information about what data they hold on you and what's done with it either *cough* GDPR. NHS England is well aware that news of this data thing is out there. They have their own "mythbusting" page to show for it. While it tries to cover there being no opt-out deadline, it fails to address that once they have your data you cannot have it removed from their systems. It also states their data won't be handed over or sold unless
  3. I'm not sure just what to make of this but it sounds decidedly dodgy. From the linked article: If you know folks registered in England, they can opt out but IDK what the ramifications of doing just that are... but not getting targeted by American "medical" organisations could be one perk On the one hand I'm relieved it's only England and not completely not surprised it's happening under a Tory government on the other.
  4. And he wasn't much liked there either even back then. Slimy little toad that he is.
  5. At this rate it'll be the next time he's up. I'm only guessing here but I'd think there's younger folk becoming eligible to vote and that's where he's gaining ground. Wishart is awfully reactive IMHO whereas Wills has more fire under his tree.
  6. And via Shetnews: That's 1865 people I'm knocking off my Christmas card list.
  7. I could do with a few pints right now. Wishart has held on to Shetland by 806 votes - compared to her majority of 1837 back in 2019.
  8. I see Holyrood as giving us some [but not enough] isolation from dubious policies emitted from Westminster e.g. the epic levels of cronyism and billions going to mates pockets in private contracts for this, that and the other only for things to go chesticles-up. The SG is not perfect in getting everything right but the overall impression I get is one of trying to do the right thing by the country rather than themselves. Are any of your happy English friends in the medical / care professions? Are they happy about the Boris Boat, Boris Jet, the inability to give them more than a 1% pay rise
  9. Indeed, socially distanced harassment doesn't quite work as well! A small bonus. While I think you and I may be voting differently it has been refreshing to see someone not in favour of independence (I think) not name calling, claiming being shouted down when trolling or asking questions only to ignore some perfectly reasonable answers - all acts which only further cement opinions for *insert tongue in cheek* FRRREEEEEEEDOOOOMMM!!!! The independence thing does need put to bed one way or the other. Personally I don't see Scotland being such a rattle of poop that it's unable to pull it
  10. Well, why don't we phone him directly and find out?
  11. Jeezo. If you're expecting someone to completely educate you on this forum you're expecting too much. Wheels Up has given you the headlines but that's not enough. And you insult folk yet again. You must be a blast at parties.
  12. That may have something to do with being branded as delusional and / or not sure about China taking over Scotland within a generation. Wheels Up has made a valiant and balanced attempt. Unlike them I'm for independence and, in my delusion, I'm entirely worried about the towering deficit Scotland would have to dig itself out of. It'll be a massive stick with which to beat down any yes voters with - and rightly so. With that said I'll still vote to... ahem... take back control as I firmly believe we, as a nation, have the ability to govern ourselves and eventually prosper (and not just fina
  13. Let's not be too hard on ourselves and, at least, be thankful we're relatively competent at roundabouts. I say "relatively" compared to this horror show from Kentucky (roundabouts are a rarity in the USA apparently). Buckle up as it's quite a ride:
  14. His own brother resigned saying, "In recent weeks I’ve been torn between family loyalty and the national interest”. Make of that what you will... His own sister had a go when Boris blurted out a show stopper about Jo Cox and Brexit, "It is particularly tasteless for those who are grieving a mother, an MP, a friend, to say that the best way to honour her memory is to deliver the thing which she and her family campaigned against". That's just his own family. For yet more examples of his straight talking, have a look at this compilation: And we've done the "all politicians lie
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