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  1. Yeah, terribly sad to hear of his passing, but not entirely surprised given his *ahem* lifestyle choices. There's many a dentist that's rubbed their hands at the thought of getting a grip of him. RIP... No chance!
  2. ^It's not quite the exclusive they claim... as this was published 3 days ago. Anyway, it's not overly encouraging for the port and hopefully DITT get paid as I'd imagine £1m is quite a large hole in anyone's cashflow.
  3. That's not quite how my imagination had it looking. There is plenty of space though! I'll grab my coat.
  4. Were the SIC stopping those wanting to celebrate a coronation from taking the time off to do so? Also, scanning the Shetlink local news feed, there appears to have been several coronation related events... none of which looked to have been that well attended. The point being - I'm not convinced there are was any potential to raise £100K off the back of Charles.
  5. Were that my line of thought, I may wonder about who, now, would be putting the UK at the top of their list. Given that Brexit has done it's obvious (yes, it was obvious it would do real harm) damage, brought to us by the calamity party and our now current home secretary who dreams (her words) of flying everyone not born on these turd filled shores (their votes) off to Rwanda. It's hard to fathom. Not.
  6. You'd need to take it to the local courier that handles UPS stuff. I think (but could be wrong) Streamline do UPS deliveries, so I'd try giving them a bell. They'll surely know who handles UPS if it's no them.
  7. Thanks Colin. You demonstrate why the call for independence exists quite succinctly.
  8. We could be 8 years clear of the same mess.... yet here we are. That's 8 years of struggling we'll still need to go through from a worse starting position. It's still, even now, a better bet than sticking with where we'll be in another 8 years IMHO.
  9. The SNP becoming irrelevant in the advent of independence is a bit of a given, surely? A reason to vote yes, no?
  10. Congrats Bryan! Coming second on your first attempt is pretty darned good
  11. You got my vote Bryan. You will, hopefully, get many more... despite not launching your campaign on the "chaining your bike to a lampost is vandalism" ticket. You missed a big vote winner there.
  12. It's not just you Frances. It's been happening most days for about a week now. Some kind boffin is fixing it... but it doesn't last for long.
  13. What's changed between then and now that would make something they said was fit for purpose back then... but not now? Have folks faces gotten smaller are are they just walking further away from the cameras? Whatever comes of it, I'll put a tenner on it somehow involving digging up the flagstones. Even for wireless cameras.
  14. I can think of way too many other reasons why he should get himself in the sea. The depressing thing is he'd just be replaced by one of his mates. He should still pop right off whatever happens.
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