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  1. I would strongly disagree with that; they were voted in to power. It's a bit like handing a set of keys to a well known drunk staggering towards their car and then blaming them when they crash.
  2. And it's not like those pushing for Brexit had a good record (I'm being kind here) of delivering on their past promises either; yet they got their way. They remain in power, have made stacks of cash and don't look to be stopping any more of that any time soon. It's all well and good saying if whoever is in charge cock things up they'll get voted out... but that's completely ignoring the reality of who those people are, who they're controlled by and their control of the media with the ability to destroy any and all opposition. But enough folk jumped on the relevant hook that fitted with what they wanted and got them over the line.
  3. I'm in a real quandary here reconciling the idea both sides fibbed equally over Brexit. Running with that notion - those lying about there being massive problems after Brexit are now being proven correct are they not?
  4. Taking "all politicians lie" as read; which ones lied the most? The ones saying things would be better or worse? And, before anyone says it's a long game, would they please take a moment to think about whether they honestly see price hikes, depletion of the NHS and general American involvments being reversed once we're "back in control"... ever. Apologies for the air quotes.
  5. This reads [I skimmed] like a bit of a blow for the Unst spaceport with a challenge to the Sutherland contender getting fairly short shrift in court: Judge dismisses objections to spaceport in Scotland from billionaire who also wants to build spaceport in Scotland How will the billionaires behind these ventures ever survive?
  6. For hardwood I'd be looking to Bultern and Mulhern. Fine folk too!
  7. With Covid restrictions going, I'm on the look for something to do with Lady Roachmill; we met through dancing and it's something we both loved. Does anyone know of someone starting anything up that would cater for beginners? I can't say we'd be particularly fussy about the style of dancing and would consider pretty much anything. Just not Morris Dancing!
  8. Cats and fly papers are a bad mix... Despite having the a few papers hung where no cat could ever possibly reach, our very fluffy gentle giant girl somehow managed to get one stuck to her. A looong jump from the top of the fridge to the far end of a windowsill is about the only trajectory possible. Poor wee thing. It was not pleasant [for either party] completely removing it and the residue which involved a bit of trimming, a lot of washing and, somewhat understandably, some blood (not hers). Never underestimate a cats ability to get absolutely anywhere! I doubt we'll use fly papers ever again and just wheel in some toads on sticks next time.
  9. My money's on George and Streamline. The Camer Centre page has them down as UPS agents too https://www.cameracentre.net/deliveries-in-shetland
  10. Well it's been blamed on the windfarm, the SIC and Orkney's had its name dragged through the mud. After reading something somewhere on the internet, I'm sorry to say it's none of the above; it's Brexit. The EU simply won't let our British flies in without the correct paperwork so they're having a staycation. In an attempt to shoehorn in Covid... the flies have also chosen Shetland due to our low case numbers. Word also has it Boris Johnson has awarded some multi-million pound clean-up contracts to mates fae his school days and the SIC have agreed to pick up the bill.
  11. Yes, go out with a bang so to speak. Sorry. I'm not sure if I'm minding this right, but there was a similar plague of flies a few years back and Orkney got the blame for that IIRC - something to do with some of their waste getting shipped up here to burn. But yeah, windfarm this time for sure I heard [from the voices in my head] they removed the parts from the containers just so's they could fit in even more flies.
  12. The little feckers moved in to ours just yesterday - and they're worse today. Fly papers have nailed a load of them, as has my trusty rolled-up tea towel. I had to resort to more drastic measures afore spending any quality time in the bog this morning and broke out the portable vacuum; this took some time and effort (emptied it outside straight away too) but proved fruitful in the end with a big wide nozzle on the end of it. The highlight of last nights tea towel assault was whacking a pair of them seamingly in mid sexy-time. What a way to go
  13. The Register has another piece on this topic. In a nutshell, data access rules that currently govern 3rd party access to medical data are to cover the new mega dump of patient data... and that is Not Good:
  14. I'm finding diddly on Google or the NHS Scotland site about that but that could be down to bad google-fu. The NHS Scotland site doesn't make it obvious how to access information about what data they hold on you and what's done with it either *cough* GDPR. NHS England is well aware that news of this data thing is out there. They have their own "mythbusting" page to show for it. While it tries to cover there being no opt-out deadline, it fails to address that once they have your data you cannot have it removed from their systems. It also states their data won't be handed over or sold unless, "it is safe, ethical and legal to do so". They go on, "We do expect organisations who receive data to cover the cost of producing the information they request.". Sounds to me like they fully expect organisations outside of the NHS to, not surprisingly, buy the data. I'm sure said organisations are all above board and will all only have our best interests at heart. 'Merikan big business won't try and shoehorn themselves into qualifying categories by lobbying (paying) or making a strong case (no trade for you if you don't hand it over) to get it either. That's me drained of sarcasm for today.
  15. I'm not sure just what to make of this but it sounds decidedly dodgy. From the linked article: If you know folks registered in England, they can opt out but IDK what the ramifications of doing just that are... but not getting targeted by American "medical" organisations could be one perk On the one hand I'm relieved it's only England and not completely not surprised it's happening under a Tory government on the other.
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