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  1. Maybe try IslesCars'R'Wis.com? I'll fetch my coat. And let the door hit me on the way out.
  2. ^It does indeed. The Times blurted out a piece yesterday about how we'd qualify for Level 0 status were the newly tightened end of April rules applied right now. I'm not linking to it as it was an obviously stupid and irresponsible thing to publish IMHO; it'll only work to encourage some to take it as an excuse to make an early start. Level 0 may well be applicable by the end of April if nationwide cases continue to drop, the number of those vaccinated continues to rise and some sort of point of entry testing is in place... but that's not now.
  3. As I understand things, this is how flights abroad operate i.e. you have to present a clear test result (from within the previous 48 hours) certificate or you're not allowed onboard. As NHS testing does not furnish you with a certificate, you have to pay for a service that does. With all that faffery it'd be more than enough to put all but the most essential travellers off. There's also the obvious problem in that what's to stop you catching the thing / developing symptoms between being tested and rolling up to the check-in desk? That's where the 2 week quarantine "hotels" come in once f
  4. "Better than some" I would say. I did do a double-take at the radio today when I heard an actual Tory MP say the Scottish government had done some things better. Glad I wasn't eating at the time or I'd likely have choked on it.
  5. I've only been here *checks notes* almost half my life and I still wince any time I utter something in dialect. I can read and understand it easy enough but, being fairly devoid of any regional accent, I tend to stick to Liz's English. I do suffer a real moral quandary of whether to use "eenoo" in conversation when it is very often a perfect and more efficient use of language. I think the main exception to my rule here is whilst winding up my Better Half by attempting dialect in a posh voice. She loves that
  6. He's some boy and has many tales to tell without being pretensions about it. The range of stuff he plays is all over the place - a good thing in my book as you'll hear things you'd never normally encounter.
  7. He could burn their flag while goose stepping around the Statue of Liberty in full Russian national dress and get off with it. Why they can't even force him to testify just beggars belief considering the charge.
  8. The Tories keep trying to change the name to include "welfare". This is in name only for now but it's widely thought that this is a precursor to making it only applicable to those that cannot pay into a private pension [which a lot already do anyway].
  9. That's my understanding too. That, and there was a commitment of sorts (salt at the ready!) to increase the amount paid out from an independent Scotland. Given the low rate of amount paid in to amount paid out in the UK... that doesn't appear impossible to achieve either.
  10. I see on the Shetland Times that Lockheed Martin have released a video to help show what a launch may look like. While my childlike excitement levels at the thought of such a spectacle saw a major uptick... I did wonder what just such an event would do to all wildlife within *gestures wildly in all directions* miles away. It would likely be a good day for manure collection I fear.
  11. Well that's a step in the right direction. And please do understand that both opposing viewpoints have their merits as well as gaping holes in their logic. They also both have their fanatical believers which are best given a wide berth. We'll get nowhere forming tribal lines, dismissing all considerations we don't like and general name calling just kills the chance of actual dialogue that may prove beneficial. FWIW, I do not envisage, should it come to be, a transference to independence being a walk in the park at all. Not one bit. Trade, logistics, currency and a whole raft of other thin
  12. My mind just won't bend enough to even attempt imagining droughts in Shetland ever being A Thing. It's quite scary to think that the weather could change that much...
  13. Jeezo. You've made no attempt to understand the position offered ("it's a strap line") and I didn't dismiss your LSE trade concern ("It should worry anyone") as it is, indeed, a real worry. You repeatedly invite folk to convince you of something you're clearly against under the guise of being worried, ignore actual positives and resort to name calling along the way. Your more than guilty of that which you accuse others.
  14. Erm... by being in charge of our own affairs? I know you want to dismiss that but I'll add more to that for you to dismiss below. It should worry anyone and I doubt you'll be any less worried by anything suggested to mitigate this [based solely on trade figures alone] study. For example, being able to set taxation and altering course on the Tory mantra of lowering taxes for the people paying them to do just that. Before you come with the "but it'll scare away investment and big business" I'll throw out this from the LSE: Keeping tax low for the rich does not boost economy. There's
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