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  1. We could be 8 years clear of the same mess.... yet here we are. That's 8 years of struggling we'll still need to go through from a worse starting position. It's still, even now, a better bet than sticking with where we'll be in another 8 years IMHO.
  2. The SNP becoming irrelevant in the advent of independence is a bit of a given, surely? A reason to vote yes, no?
  3. Congrats Bryan! Coming second on your first attempt is pretty darned good
  4. You got my vote Bryan. You will, hopefully, get many more... despite not launching your campaign on the "chaining your bike to a lampost is vandalism" ticket. You missed a big vote winner there.
  5. It's not just you Frances. It's been happening most days for about a week now. Some kind boffin is fixing it... but it doesn't last for long.
  6. What's changed between then and now that would make something they said was fit for purpose back then... but not now? Have folks faces gotten smaller are are they just walking further away from the cameras? Whatever comes of it, I'll put a tenner on it somehow involving digging up the flagstones. Even for wireless cameras.
  7. I can think of way too many other reasons why he should get himself in the sea. The depressing thing is he'd just be replaced by one of his mates. He should still pop right off whatever happens.
  8. I still remember the good old days when it was 5G masts that were spreading Covid; the days when we didn't - and still don't - have any 5G masts. At least we're starting to see more becoming known about certain aspects of Covid beginning to be better understood and, more importantly, acknowledged. It's all way over my head (and I read Facebook!) but the effects of the virus when it gets anywhere near the brain look to be providing some backup to Long Covid sufferers and the "loss" of smell and taste appears to have genetic roots which are now being examined. More importantly, it being openly discussed (by the boffins at least) and not swept under the carpet.
  9. We use them for work and have done so for many a year. They've been great on all fronts and bent over backwards to get us connected in a few different locations. There's also been times when their connections have stayed operational when BTs have been down.
  10. I would strongly disagree with that; they were voted in to power. It's a bit like handing a set of keys to a well known drunk staggering towards their car and then blaming them when they crash.
  11. And it's not like those pushing for Brexit had a good record (I'm being kind here) of delivering on their past promises either; yet they got their way. They remain in power, have made stacks of cash and don't look to be stopping any more of that any time soon. It's all well and good saying if whoever is in charge cock things up they'll get voted out... but that's completely ignoring the reality of who those people are, who they're controlled by and their control of the media with the ability to destroy any and all opposition. But enough folk jumped on the relevant hook that fitted with what they wanted and got them over the line.
  12. I'm in a real quandary here reconciling the idea both sides fibbed equally over Brexit. Running with that notion - those lying about there being massive problems after Brexit are now being proven correct are they not?
  13. Taking "all politicians lie" as read; which ones lied the most? The ones saying things would be better or worse? And, before anyone says it's a long game, would they please take a moment to think about whether they honestly see price hikes, depletion of the NHS and general American involvments being reversed once we're "back in control"... ever. Apologies for the air quotes.
  14. This reads [I skimmed] like a bit of a blow for the Unst spaceport with a challenge to the Sutherland contender getting fairly short shrift in court: Judge dismisses objections to spaceport in Scotland from billionaire who also wants to build spaceport in Scotland How will the billionaires behind these ventures ever survive?
  15. For hardwood I'd be looking to Bultern and Mulhern. Fine folk too!
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