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  1. I see Holyrood as giving us some [but not enough] isolation from dubious policies emitted from Westminster e.g. the epic levels of cronyism and billions going to mates pockets in private contracts for this, that and the other only for things to go chesticles-up. The SG is not perfect in getting everything right but the overall impression I get is one of trying to do the right thing by the country rather than themselves. Are any of your happy English friends in the medical / care professions? Are they happy about the Boris Boat, Boris Jet, the inability to give them more than a 1% pay rise
  2. Indeed, socially distanced harassment doesn't quite work as well! A small bonus. While I think you and I may be voting differently it has been refreshing to see someone not in favour of independence (I think) not name calling, claiming being shouted down when trolling or asking questions only to ignore some perfectly reasonable answers - all acts which only further cement opinions for *insert tongue in cheek* FRRREEEEEEEDOOOOMMM!!!! The independence thing does need put to bed one way or the other. Personally I don't see Scotland being such a rattle of poop that it's unable to pull it
  3. Well, why don't we phone him directly and find out?
  4. Jeezo. If you're expecting someone to completely educate you on this forum you're expecting too much. Wheels Up has given you the headlines but that's not enough. And you insult folk yet again. You must be a blast at parties.
  5. That may have something to do with being branded as delusional and / or not sure about China taking over Scotland within a generation. Wheels Up has made a valiant and balanced attempt. Unlike them I'm for independence and, in my delusion, I'm entirely worried about the towering deficit Scotland would have to dig itself out of. It'll be a massive stick with which to beat down any yes voters with - and rightly so. With that said I'll still vote to... ahem... take back control as I firmly believe we, as a nation, have the ability to govern ourselves and eventually prosper (and not just fina
  6. Let's not be too hard on ourselves and, at least, be thankful we're relatively competent at roundabouts. I say "relatively" compared to this horror show from Kentucky (roundabouts are a rarity in the USA apparently). Buckle up as it's quite a ride:
  7. His own brother resigned saying, "In recent weeks I’ve been torn between family loyalty and the national interest”. Make of that what you will... His own sister had a go when Boris blurted out a show stopper about Jo Cox and Brexit, "It is particularly tasteless for those who are grieving a mother, an MP, a friend, to say that the best way to honour her memory is to deliver the thing which she and her family campaigned against". That's just his own family. For yet more examples of his straight talking, have a look at this compilation: And we've done the "all politicians lie
  8. I, for one, look forward to everyone having a Rolls Royce and a 10 bedroom house come May 7th. Independence will defo bring that and more by your one line reasoning. I do, however, doubt that many others do. If you want to denounce anyone with inclination towards independence as mad and living elsewhere... I'm not sure who has the more extreme view here... The folk I know who wish for independence do so fine well in the knowledge that crystal balls are unreliable, breaking away from our major trading partner is not that great for trade and things aren't exactly easy going at the mome
  9. I'm only going to say this once , but GR makes a good point about folk not bothering to detour into the depths of Sandwick for a few errands. Those going further south will invariably stick with Levenwick, Mainlands, Toab or Bigton shops for that. That, and I canna see anyone with a car outside of Sandwick itself using it for their Big Shop when, depending on how heavy your foot is, Lerwick is but minutes away.
  10. It's a bit of a mixed bag in that larger stores will bring more jobs, more choice and, on the back of that, reduce the number of trips to Lerwick. I can't help but feel it'll mean the end for the smaller shops, however. I'd certainly hope the Sandwick bakery would keep going... but the PO must surely be tied to the shop's fate. I just hope the Scalloway one doesn't sink!
  11. @Colin Sorry, please accept my apologies for daring to question what, to all intents, gets stated as facts; yet doesn't hold up to scrutiny, goes undefended most of the time and now ends up being a conspiracy. GR does provide context to his opinions (usually after a number of posts) and you may be shocked to hear I even agree with some of what he says or understand where he's coming from as a result. But this latest rash of "we're being persecuted because folk are challenging what we make on as fact" has to be a new low.
  12. And that would, Colin, be a false claim. I don't know if folk are intentionally trying to take the hump, but expressing an opinion that not everyone agrees with is normal. Blurting out an ill though, inconsiderate, uninformed etc. opinion can and should be challenged - lest it be taken as factually correct.
  13. Age isn't an excuse for feeling entitled to stop learning, being mindful and / or respectful. Lord knows I've been guilty of unthinkingly using certain language through my years; until someone somewhere pointed out the derogatory, disrespectful or hurtful origins or connotations of such language. So I stopped. That's not to say there aren't individuals out there preaching extreme views e.g. if you're not vegan you should kill yourself, give all your money to God or burn eternally in Hell and even evangelical iPhone owners. I certainly wouldn't dismiss normal vegans, religious folk or some
  14. Anyway... I'm not convinced there may be any long term need for such cards or whatever form they take. The optimist in me sees once the majority are vaccinated, the virus [mutant deadly vaccine immune strain permitting] will hopefully fall to such numbers that it all becomes a moot point. There is, however, a load of cash to be made dispensing cards; and that will certainly drive our rent-a-government to award said contracts to whoever has made the right donation into the right pocket. I'd be surprised to see it be anything other than a complete shambles too.
  15. Well, I'm all sorts of confused then, Colin. You gave a green light to someone making an inflammatory remark on a public forum and then question it being moderated. That's not pushing the point they should be allowed to say what they want and not face a consequence [being moderated]? Oh, and it wasn't a throwaway comment in closing his post; it was a post consisting of a single sentence.
  16. Oh my! Some skills on show there sure enough. I don't feel quite like having my lunch any more for some reason
  17. But you're about to... Let's get this straight then, Colin. Because someone is no spring chicken they should be able to drop in casual racist / sexist / whateverist comments and that's OK? And what, say, were a twentysomething to come along and do the same - would you put that down to the ignorance of youth and let it go? Throughout history folk have held opinions that were all sorts of messed up, allowed to go unchecked and look where it ended up. And, as for "some of us are way to long in the tooth to accept the modern, mind controlling, PC perspective"... while that [the PC ext
  18. In this case freedom of speech was very much exercised in the form of a obviously inflammatory remark. As I understand it, he was given every opportunity to adjust it but decided to leave it there with the consequence of it being removed. Are we saying we should be allowed to say whatever we want and expect no consequence? Oh, and "Sure, Jan" is a meme used in response much like "aye, right". It wasn't directed at anyone other than or Troll in Chief. Apologies for the confusion!
  19. Sure, Jan. Your comment was decidedly inflammatory and, at best, I'll considered. It did get you some attention and pootle off a number of folk - so mission accomplished.
  20. As has been said, biometrics are all over the place now so try telling me "but you could chop someone's finger off and use that". PIN codes, patterns and passwords *can* be shared but that's up to you if you're daft enough. Your choice. Logs will tell you all sorts besides biometrics such as device lock state, when that changed, LAN and WAN states and IP addresses (yes they can be spoofed but not by Joe Blogs) and all that info can be linked together with other devices. You can get a pretty clear picture of what was in use, when and by whom. By all means argue that's not 100% guaranteed t
  21. Nope. While multi-device households complicate matters, once you've rooted a device you get to All The Logs - that's why I used the word "forensics". Router and DNS query logs are another thing nevermind what PCs keep track of (everything) themselves. If you dig long enough, you find dirt.
  22. That is, of course, completely ignoring the field of computer forensics.
  23. Thanks for that Davie. I can't say I'm surprised as I imagine rockets being on the loud side of things. I nearly had a trouser changing moment when the Typhoons buzzed Lerwick a few years ago... and I'd imagine rockets being even louder.
  24. Maybe try IslesCars'R'Wis.com? I'll fetch my coat. And let the door hit me on the way out.
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