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  1. Buy a book of tickets, it's a lot cheaper. The ferry very rarely cancels all day, early morning runs are the first casualties in winter as it's difficult for the skippers to assess conditions. If there is bad weather closing in through the day then they'll go down to single ferry and leg it backwards and forwards until they have to cancel. Most employers have no issues with people leaving a bit earlier because of ferry disruption, but it would be wise to have a few B&B numbers on your phone. But in all the years I've been commuting between Yell and mainland I've never been caught out and got stuck. I have a car on each side, bear in mind that will cost you apx £1800 pa in car ferry fees. That would easily pay for a runabout. The drive and ferry is completely stressless, in fact it's a bit baffling as to why some people believe commuting to mainland is a big deal.....
  2. https://thesecretbarrister.com/2018/05/25/what-has-happened-to-poor-tommy-robinson/
  3. He's not been 'stitched up' at all. He knew what he was doing. He knows exactly why he's been arrested despite the staged innocent blustering. There is no other agenda here apart from that of the EDL thug. Well done the courts for jumping on him and good riddance.
  4. Do you have any links to the source of this info?
  5. There appears to be large swathes of tarmaced access routes already in place all over Shetland. Perhaps the cyclists could use those?
  6. What is a ‘whiney Scotchman’ Perhaps ‘Whiny Scotsman’ ? He shoots....he scores......
  7. It was the big English boys that started it, then they ran away and left us to take the blame!* * Standard response to any problem on the planet.....
  8. I knew it, I just knew it!! If it wasn't for those pesky MSP's we'd have gotten away with it.......
  9. Angry about car parking charges at the airport? Get the ferry.
  10. No an outright admission of guilt is exactly what it is. You are normally " briefed" to plead not guilty until your lawyer gets a chance to see the evidence and what witnesses turn up on the day. And then you'll be briefed on which way to plead...........
  11. Regarding the guilty plea, he's probably been briefed that if he goes 'not guilty' and it doesn't pan out - then his licence is smoked. More of a damage limitation excersise as opposed to an outright admission of guilt............
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