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  1. Buy a book of tickets, it's a lot cheaper. The ferry very rarely cancels all day, early morning runs are the first casualties in winter as it's difficult for the skippers to assess conditions. If there is bad weather closing in through the day then they'll go down to single ferry and leg it backwards and forwards until they have to cancel. Most employers have no issues with people leaving a bit earlier because of ferry disruption, but it would be wise to have a few B&B numbers on your phone. But in all the years I've been commuting between Yell and mainland I've never been caught out and got stuck. I have a car on each side, bear in mind that will cost you apx £1800 pa in car ferry fees. That would easily pay for a runabout. The drive and ferry is completely stressless, in fact it's a bit baffling as to why some people believe commuting to mainland is a big deal.....
  2. https://thesecretbarrister.com/2018/05/25/what-has-happened-to-poor-tommy-robinson/
  3. He's not been 'stitched up' at all. He knew what he was doing. He knows exactly why he's been arrested despite the staged innocent blustering. There is no other agenda here apart from that of the EDL thug. Well done the courts for jumping on him and good riddance.
  4. Do you have any links to the source of this info?
  5. There appears to be large swathes of tarmaced access routes already in place all over Shetland. Perhaps the cyclists could use those?
  6. What is a ‘whiney Scotchman’ Perhaps ‘Whiny Scotsman’ ? He shoots....he scores......
  7. It was the big English boys that started it, then they ran away and left us to take the blame!* * Standard response to any problem on the planet.....
  8. I knew it, I just knew it!! If it wasn't for those pesky MSP's we'd have gotten away with it.......
  9. Angry about car parking charges at the airport? Get the ferry.
  10. No an outright admission of guilt is exactly what it is. You are normally " briefed" to plead not guilty until your lawyer gets a chance to see the evidence and what witnesses turn up on the day. And then you'll be briefed on which way to plead...........
  11. Regarding the guilty plea, he's probably been briefed that if he goes 'not guilty' and it doesn't pan out - then his licence is smoked. More of a damage limitation excersise as opposed to an outright admission of guilt............
  12. I don't believe anyone is suggesting that the law is wrong. What folk are saying is that this clown ended up with a broken wrist through their own stupidity and repeated refusal to carry out a reasonable and lawful request. Not through a direct malicious action by the barman. Unfortunately the courts have taken a different view. If you're so keen on this 'everyone is nice and fluffy' stance, then I suggest you spend a fair chunk of time on the doors in any town centre on a night-time with the bar and door staff. You'll soon change your mind when you have to deal with it yourself.
  13. Speed bumps are not a 'hazard' for any vehicle with normal ground clearance travelling below 20mph. Every time I visit Lerwick I see loads of cars dealing with them quite happily and then parking up in the town area to visit. So how come they are such a problem for yourself? In all the places I have lived in the UK, I have never known anyone who sees speed humps as 'unmarked crossing points'. As for 'looking chaotic'.....really?
  14. How would removing speed bumps help the street recover?
  15. No Same here So is Da Noost being kept as a pub, then? Personally I know nowt about it so any info would be welcome.
  16. CAFE bar deli. Sounds great. It would be good if there was a place in Lerwick that you could get a coffee and a snack in the evening. As long as they decent ale as well, otherwise I'll have to become all enraged about alcohol consumption in Shetlund and rattle off an angry letter to the ST denouncing all purveyors of alcofrolic biber...buge...befridges......urp...........
  17. I hope so, a bar that sells decent beer for folk that appreciate it rather than the God-awful present town centre scene? Bring it on.
  18. Why is it that whenever there is a perceived problem, the answer is to legislate in such a way that the only people it will really affect are those who are not causing the problem in the first place? Legislation that targets the bus driver or owner for not having the skills (or, understandably, the balls) to tackle 30-odd drunken youths on his bus would be laughable. The responsibility lies with those who booked the bus and the drunks themselves - not the driver. All the driver can do is bar anyone obviously underage and drunk from re-entering the bus....and he/she will then have to deal with the backlash from the drunks' chums. And wait a minute, the nasty driver has now dumped a 'defenceless' and lonely 'emotional' 15 year old in the muckle sphincter end of nowhere. Oh, how the press/attention seeking cooncillors/ blinkered and blame-seeking parents would have a field day with that one. No doubt a severe attack of compensation would be setting in before beloved little Jeemie or Jennies' muckle sphincter hit the bottom step of the bus.... As usual, this is a cop-out by aiming at the easiest target whilst maintaining that "something must be seen to be done". Load of cobblers. Pass me another bottle of Buckie, I'm off to get pished in the Cooncil chambers, hopefully we'll get to ban Cooncillors then....... or at least get them arrested for allowing me to get pished on their premises......
  19. Lots of questions Regarding Yell, public transport is limited to say the least. However, if you've access to a motorbike then that's not an issue. Also bear in mind that on Yell and Unst you can legally drive a car on a provisional licence unaccompanied. Living on Yell and working on mainland is do-able as there is a bus that meets the ferry early morning that runs down to Lerwick via Brae. TBH, if you get a place on Yell or Unst I would suggest approaching Cooke Aquaculture in Mid Yell. They are always on the lookout for staff for their salmon packing station as they get let down by some of their existing staff on a regular basis. The pay's not too bad and there is a Christmas bonus (not guaranteed) that can amount to a good few hundred quid after tax. Mainland - contact Shetland Shellfish Management Group Ltd at Sparl, Brae. They sometimes need staff for their mussels grading and packing line. Or try Shetland Catch in Lerwick. Accom can be a big issue in Shetland, but i reckon you've more chance of getting a rental at sensible prices on the isles than mainland. Advertise on here under accom and see what turns up, there's private lets that come up, but sometimes they get let out just by word of mouth - that's Shetland for you
  20. ^ Can't go around getting too many positive clicks, it upsets the Miserati
  21. Back in the 1990's I lived in a small village outside Daventry, Northants. The local council were pretty pioneering when it came to recycling. Everyone (including our little village) got a blue box for tins and plastic, another one for paper and mags and a mini-bin for veggie scraps. This was duly toted off and dealt with. They also opened a disposal centre for the public to drop stuff off that was no different from Lerwicks', the only difference being that anything deemed 'useful' was put on one side by the staff and folk could take it away for a small donation which went to that months nominated charity. You could blag anything: wood, old bikes, plastic garden chairs (I got four for fifty pence each) to items of furniture (old wood set of drawers for four quid which I renovated and still have. It worked. And still does. The Shetland community is more spread out, I appreciate that, but it still worked........
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