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    Scorrie got a reaction from JOINER in SSMO - Shetland Shellfish Management Organisation   
    "That's looking at it from one angle"
    Would you tell a builder to forget about the graft, money he's invested in plant and machinery and years building up a business because he has to 'move aside' to let someone else have a play at being a builder? FFS. I give up.
    Go out on and speak to the boys who are creeling professionally (not someone who's chucking a few creels off a punt and who spends most of their time spouting pish at the village hall bar) and run your master plan past them. See what they say after they've finished either laughing or stuffing you in a creel as bait.......
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    Scorrie got a reaction from Glitterball in Lerwick Up Helly Aa   
    Legally correct.
    But we all know there's a massive chasm between what is law and what is perceived to be right by the majority.
    And the negative publicity is only going to build up......
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    Scorrie got a reaction from Selkie in Commuting from Yell to Brae.   
    Buy a book of tickets, it's a lot cheaper.
    The ferry very rarely cancels all day, early morning runs are the first casualties in winter as it's difficult for the skippers to assess conditions. If there is bad weather closing in through the day then they'll go down to single ferry and leg it backwards and forwards until they have to cancel.
    Most employers have no issues with people leaving a bit earlier because of ferry disruption, but it would be wise to have a few B&B numbers on your phone. But in all the years I've been commuting between Yell and mainland I've never been caught out and got stuck.
    I have a car on each side, bear in mind that will cost you apx £1800 pa in car ferry fees. That would easily pay for a runabout. 
    The drive and ferry is completely stressless, in fact it's a bit baffling as to why some people believe commuting to mainland is a big deal.....
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    Scorrie got a reaction from Acid in Recycle! Positive Comments Welcome   
    ^ Can't go around getting too many positive clicks, it upsets the Miserati 
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    Scorrie got a reaction from Acid in Recycle! Positive Comments Welcome   
    Back in the 1990's I lived in a small village outside Daventry, Northants. The local council were pretty pioneering when it came to recycling.
    Everyone (including our little village) got a blue box for tins and plastic, another one for paper and mags and a mini-bin for veggie scraps. This was duly toted off and dealt with. They also opened a disposal centre for the public to drop stuff off that was no different from Lerwicks', the only difference being that anything deemed 'useful' was put on one side by the staff and folk could take it away for a small donation which went to that months nominated charity.
    You could blag anything: wood, old bikes, plastic garden chairs (I got four for fifty pence each) to items of furniture (old wood set of drawers for four quid which I renovated and still have.
    It worked. And still does.
    The Shetland community is more spread out, I appreciate that, but it still worked........
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    Scorrie got a reaction from tirvaluk in Tommy Robinson stitched-up   
    He's not been 'stitched up' at all.
    He knew what he was doing.
    He knows exactly why he's been arrested despite the staged innocent blustering.
    There is no other agenda here apart from that of the EDL thug.
    Well done the courts for jumping on him and good riddance.
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    Scorrie got a reaction from Roachmill in Tommy Robinson stitched-up   
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    Scorrie got a reaction from jz in Tommy Robinson stitched-up   
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    Scorrie reacted to Suffererof1crankymofo in Shetland's airports (and parking)   
    I honestly don't believe that we have a 20% to 60% higher cost of living than the UK average.  If you're referring to that study the SIC fondly refers to, the way the statistics were arrived at are questionable.  For example, food doesn't cost any more from the major supermarkets.  As for lekky and gas, my combined bills for London were similar to here.  Car insurance is cheaper too but petrol, as we well know, isn't.
    Many local airports throughout the UK have worse bus services than we have.  If I go down to visit my mum, despite the interwebz advising me "From £2" that's if you drive from her town to the local airport; the bus service is only three times a day and the average fare is £6.  A taxi would set you back around the £45 to £60 mark.  I've never managed to visit her and have flight arrival/departure times work with public transport and have ended up having to hire a car.
    To be frank, I'm more concerned with the proposed remote air control towers with digital imaging than I am about the car parking charges plus I'm not really seeing anyone putting forward any alternatives as to what HIAL should be doing instead regarding the current car parking problem.
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    Scorrie reacted to George. in Shetland's airports (and parking)   
    Sorry Scorrie, you may live in Britain but I've never been there before, doubt I'll ever go. When Northmavine goes Indy, I'll refuse to get a passport, it'll help me stay at home
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    Scorrie reacted to Ghostrider in Unst. Miserable   
    Its all the SIC's fault. It used to be your average Unst resident just had to decide they were from neither Yell or Fetlar, which came pretty naturally to the average Unst person. But since Whalsay and Skerries has been lumped in as well the identity crisis has deepened gravely leading to some folk getting all depressed and miserable.
    Its a malady thats spreading, I was just hearing the other day somebody in Yell was on the horns of a dilemma thinking they might actually be from Whalsay, and another one who seemed to think they could be from Unst.
    It can only get worse, some folk in Quarff will think they're fron the Ness, and some in Whiteness will think they're from Waas, until we're all as miserable as sin. Cooncil just can leave nothing alone can they, and then they expect us to pick up the pieces like it was all okay......
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    Scorrie reacted to Paolo67 in Unst. Miserable   
    In Unst, any reliance on 'lovely' or 'super' in descriptive narrative is hackneyed superficial gush. Unst people only use adjectives to describe something that is dead, lost or stolen. 
    We used to have a policeman.
    He was a lovely guy.
    People still play badminton. The badminton scene is the only scene and it has always been a thriving scene. Whoever and whatever you are.. on Thursday evenings you are free to strut your stuff in badminton shorts. The serial killer probably enjoys Badminton.
    The population has reached a critical point where it cannot sustain a Masonic Lodge. The Unst Councillor punches above his weight, the schools close and children get rickets. Most children would prefer to be in an orphanage than a happy family unit. At least they would get a wifi connection.
    They could post smileys and super selfies like everybody else.

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    Scorrie reacted to Paolo67 in Unst. Miserable   
    They are indeed a picture of misery and gloom Bluevac, for many reasons;
    With even the slightest change in ferry timetables they are forced to eat cormorants.
    Excessive consumption of salted cormorants over prolonged winters has been linked to rickets in children and diabetes in rats. Rickety children and diabetic rats is the stark reality faced by Unst folks in austere times. 
    The parents of the rickety children are also fighting to save the last surviving school and the last surviving Talc quarry on the island to secure a future for the community. Both are riddled with asbestos.
    A council survey recently concluded that 76% of Unst people can't even spell 'community' without the help of Google,
    Another council survey concluded that 76% of Unst people can' access Google without installing Satellite Broadband.
    That same 76% also failed to spell 'Satellite' within seven attempts.
    A greater number of Unst people carry a smouldering anger, frustration and paranoia against the world of inanimate objects and failing electronic devices. They punch plasterboard walls regularly to vent their rage. Their houses are well vented too and the rats get in.
    There is also a suspected serial killer at large. The population has dropped from 1100 to 500 in twenty years and Police have found no leads. The Policeman disappeared too in 2001.
    The last job on the island is also under threat of automation since the Waterboard decided not to replace the technician who regulated the fluoride and chlorine levels in the Island's water supply. A lost generation of rickety children had their education tailored for this post and were groomed for the position. They are probably qualified to run a bath or operate anything wth two taps. Their only other skill set would be fishing a dead horse from a loch if required. 
    76% of that lost generation couldn't spell 'maintenance' or 'technician'.
    That was their happy lot.
    No longer.
    Lastly, following two decades of exposure to the noise pollution of oil traffic they suffer from P.F.T., a Pitch Fluctuating variant of Tinnitus which rings like a constant National Anthem of 'God Save the Queen' in their ears giving them an aloofness and reverent countenance that could be misinterpreted as a dismissive stiffness of character.
    In sadder times now, the skies are no longer a choppity-chug of helicopters; the toxic talc quarries are no longer a thud of dynamite and diesel water-pumps; the wax-buffed school floors are no longer a-squeak or a scurry of plimsoled feet running to the clangity-clang of a janitor's bell and 76% of Unst people can't spell 'marmalade'.
    In Unst they call it 'orange jam'.
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    Scorrie got a reaction from Frances144 in Student flats 'taking much longer than hoped'   
    He shoots....he scores...... 
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    Scorrie got a reaction from Frances144 in Student flats 'taking much longer than hoped'   
    It gets worse! 
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    Scorrie reacted to George. in Something is wrong here   
    I would never bet on common sense prevailing.
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    Scorrie reacted to The Cutty Sark in seals and salmon   
    Not abuse I hope!
    But there has always been a fisheries issue with the Grey Seal especially, long before this US had an interest. The problem is that the UK are the guardians of just over 50% of the worlds population of this amazing animal. 
    Unfortunately, Seals feed with there senses (they are sometimes blind!) and often do not know they are approaching a fish farm and secondly, a fish farm is an unnatural (and bloody ugly looking) addition their natural environment, and clearly, they do not know it's supposed to stay away. It's understandable that a rogue seal will need to be shot, but maybe we need to be more innovative with our methods if we are going to infringe on the territory of a wild animal. 
    On the positive side. The Scottish Government statistics  (if people are reporting legally and correctly), show that despite the number of licenses applied for in 2016 compared to the number actually shot is actually extremely low, and with the common seal, often this is zero! http://www.gov.scot/Topics/marine/Licensing/SealLicensing/2011/2016
    The number shot has fallen by 80% so there is not really a crisis as far as animal control goes. So I find the US position a bit puzzling.
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    Scorrie got a reaction from BigMouth in Lerwick town centre   
    Speed bumps are not a 'hazard' for any vehicle with normal ground clearance travelling below 20mph.
    Every time I visit Lerwick I see loads of cars dealing with them quite happily and then parking up in the town area to visit. So how come they are such a problem for yourself?
    In all the places I have lived in the UK, I have never known anyone who sees speed humps as 'unmarked crossing points'.
    As for 'looking chaotic'.....really? 
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    Scorrie got a reaction from Windwalker in barred but apparently blameless   
    And then you'll be briefed on which way to plead...........
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    Scorrie reacted to Colin in barred but apparently blameless   
    "As someone said above, he pled guilty, therefore accepted his actions were not reasonable force. It’s a very fine line."
    There were reasons for his guilty plea but, just assuming that the guilty plea was an admission that his actions were not "reasonable force" is taking it a bit far.  After all, how do you define reasonable force when (afaik) there is no "legal" definition?
    From my time working in a bar, reasonable force was a last resort but, it was always 10% more than the other guy was willing to use.
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    Scorrie got a reaction from as in barred but apparently blameless   
    Regarding the guilty plea, he's probably been briefed that if he goes 'not guilty' and it doesn't pan out - then his licence is smoked.
    More of a damage limitation excersise as opposed to an outright admission of guilt............ 
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    Scorrie got a reaction from Ghostrider in barred but apparently blameless   
    Regarding the guilty plea, he's probably been briefed that if he goes 'not guilty' and it doesn't pan out - then his licence is smoked.
    More of a damage limitation excersise as opposed to an outright admission of guilt............ 
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    Scorrie got a reaction from Claadehol in barred but apparently blameless   
    I don't believe anyone is suggesting that the law is wrong. What folk are saying is that this clown ended up with a broken wrist through their own stupidity and repeated refusal to carry out a reasonable and lawful request. Not through a direct malicious action by the barman. Unfortunately the courts have taken a different view.
    If you're so keen on this 'everyone is nice and fluffy' stance, then I suggest you spend a fair chunk of time on the doors in any town centre on a night-time with the bar and door staff.
    You'll soon change your mind when you have to deal with it yourself.
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    Scorrie reacted to MuckleJoannie in Any Good Jokes Gyaan Aboot?   
    17 of Ken Dodd's  funniest one-liners
    1. "My dad knew I was going to be a comedian. When I was a baby, he said, 'Is this a joke?'"
    2. "I love my girlfriend, my girlfriend loves me. She loves my hair, she loves my eyes, she loves my teeth. She loves my teeth because I'm the only person that can peel an orange through a tennis racket."
    3. "I haven't spoken to my mother-in-law for 18 months. I don't like to interrupt her."
    4. "My act is very educational. I heard a man leaving the other night, saying: 'Well, that taught me a lesson.'"
    5. "The man who invented cats' eyes got the idea when he saw the eyes of a cat in his headlights. If the cat had been going the other way, he would have invented the pencil sharpener."
    6. On his famous tax fraud trial: "I told the Inland Revenue I didn't owe them a penny because I lived near the seaside."
    7. On his marathon live shows: "You think you can get away, but you can't. I'll follow you home and I'll shout jokes through your letterbox."
    8. "Do I believe in safe sex? Of course I do. I have a handrail around the bed."
    9. "I'm a sex symbol - I am a sex symbol for women who don't care."
    10. "I do all the exercises every morning in front of the television - up, down, up, down, up, down. Then the other eyelid."
    11. "I did 25 minutes running on the spot this morning - I had my braces caught in the banister."
    12. At the Royal Variety Performance: "This audience tonight represents the creme de la creme. That's French for evaporated milk."
    13. On approaching his 80th birthday: "Age doesn't matter, unless you are a cheese."
    14. "Did any of us in our wildest dreams ever think we'd live long enough to see the end of the DFS sale?"
    15. "I wanted to take the dog to obedience class but it wouldn't go."
    16. "Did you hear about the shrimp that went to the prawn's cocktail party? He pulled a mussel."
    17. "So it turns out that if you bang two halves of a horse together, it doesn't make the sound of a coconut."
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    Scorrie reacted to The Cutty Sark in Recycle! Positive Comments Welcome   
    Maybe I wasn't being clear. my statement agrees with you. I'm saying mankind will make the planet uninhabitable for "human" existence well before, (as you note), the sun expands towards and past our orbit. But that doesn't mean other forms of existence won't survive and evolve before that happens and we're long gone. Our good friends the Dinos lived quite happily for 165 million years without the presence of bipedal apes. Anyway, life is a glorious thing, and will just keep growing and changing while the opportunity is there I guess. On a final though, I'm pretty sure it's cockroaches that will be rulers of the planet in the end anyway, an experiment showed that some could live through a radon unit exposure of 10,000! Around 2,000 rads will kill a human in around 10 minutes    All hail the Roach Master 
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