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    Scorrie got a reaction from JohanofNess in Gollywogs - is this guy for real?.   
    Therefore I win 
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    Scorrie got a reaction from Ghostrider in Gollywogs - is this guy for real?.   
    Therefore I win 
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    Scorrie reacted to Ghostrider in Jets On Westside   
    Not the air support for the long awaited liberation of the beleaguered natives of Forvik from the tyrannical rule of the nautical invader, was it.
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    Scorrie got a reaction from Malcolm in Jets On Westside   
    It sounded like fighters to me.
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    Scorrie got a reaction from misty25 in Boy Racers   
    I really don't see the problem with boy racers.
    All I ever see is a receding car in my rear view mirror........ 
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    Scorrie reacted to madmandy in Gollywogs - is this guy for real?.   
    This week I went and bought a Golly from this lovely lady. I actually went for something else. While there I noticed a witch toy with a hook nose. No doubt a Jewish poet will now claim racial stereotypes for this being on sale. Then there is the 'protect the troll society' worried about their image when some are scary and frighten children and others are friendly. Also the electricity board could object to her sale of oil lamps as it suggests the possibility of needing them for powercuts and this could cause distress to those without any. some of her vintage toys represent war and this could be distressing to pacifists. Also lack of money distresses me since I can't afford most of it. Since this shop is potentially causing so much distress I recommend its closure along with all other shops where distress may be caused to some one somewhere. Thus all shops selling clothes in sizes too small for me must close with immediate effect. Now obviously I don't mean this but what I do want to say is grow up. Everyday there is something disagreeable and distressing in some way, its life and not worth getting distressed over. This man has a different upbringing, a different culture he sees racism in things where others do not. Reading his blog he comes over as bitter and angry so he wishes to project this on to others. Lets waste no more time on him and his sad world. we live in a better place.
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    Scorrie reacted to Clooty Cap in Gollywogs - is this guy for real?.   
    FinnBlack wrote "I've seen it happen- folk laughing and playing along with racist comments so they don't isolate themselves, so they 'fit"
    surely its the context of what is being said that is the important thing in such a situation, for instance I'm one of the least sexist people you could meet and if i come across someone who displays genuine sexism towards someone in the workplace or home i wont hesitate to shout them down, but in a group of friends having a laugh i can come across as a throwback to 1950s male chauvinism if the situation arises that we're having a conversation about sexism and i know my friends will take it in the humour intended.
    this is the same way I view these dolls, although they may when used in a certain context be a vessel for racism, the mere act of being doesn't automatically make them or the possession of one an act of racism. Also when you consider that the dolls were seen in one of the photos next to a picture of Muhammad Ali after he's knocked out an opponent, a photo that shows a great symbol and an amazing person in the fight against racism, i find it quite hard to believe that an accusation of racism should then be thrown in the direction of the shops owner and at Shetland in general.
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    Scorrie got a reaction from shetlandpeat in Viking Bus Station   
    You don't expect me to answer that, do you? 
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    Scorrie got a reaction from paulb in Viking Bus Station   
    You don't expect me to answer that, do you? 
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    Scorrie reacted to BigMouth in Viking Bus Station   
    I think that someone put a fiddle and accordion band in there. That would encourage people to find somewhere else to wait very quickly!
    Who was it who said that a gentleman is a man who can play an accordion, but doesn't?
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    Scorrie reacted to hjasga in Gollywogs - is this guy for real?.   
    Have you seen Neil Oliver's A History of Scotland series? He unintentionally pointed out the absurdity of Up Helly Aa by pointing out the sheer terror that would have been felt by resident Shetlanders if the early Viking arrivals were anything like our celebrations. 
    However - and I'm aware you're not entirely serious - indiscriminate slayings of the 1400s are not remotely comparable to the serious racism encountered by black people still living today.
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    Scorrie got a reaction from lilackirsty in Winter Driving   
    No need for studded tyres at all running from Lerwick to Sullom, complete overkill, it is a well maintained A road that any council in Southern England would be proud to have on their patch .
    If you can drive over Exmoor on A roads on an average winters day then you'll have no problems at all.
    Getting snowed up is a rarity - less of a chance than you'd get around Exmoor or Dartmoor. But the roads are quieter, so the chances of driving on fresh stuff or ice are probably a little greater.
    4X4? Waste of space for about 51 1/2 weeks of the year unless you have other uses for it.
    Don't listen to the bullpoopers who will have you believe that the winters are worse than what Soothies experience - it's the wind that is harsher up here, not the snow and ice. We get off lightly compared to most of Scotchland or North Engurland.
    PM me if you need to.
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