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  1. The black pickup is limited to 65mph if it is one from the Total gas plant. This would explain why he was struggling to get by as we can clearly see in the clip.
  2. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that when driving around the Graven area every time a truck passes its like being ambushed by a thousand peashooters? My windscreen has been chipped three times this year on the same stretch of road and my car bonnet has seen better days.
  3. One of the most entertaining racers to watch and an incredible talent sadly passed away after this mornings race. RIP Marco Simoncelli
  4. Ive just been for a wee drive through our wee villiage of Mossbank and i cant see these boarded up windows you make light of, perhaps you are drawing attention to the house that had a fire in it around three years ago?Having lived in Mossbank for over 30 years i can honestly and truthfully say that boarded up windows here in Mossbank are a thing of rarity,or are you just having a pop at somewhere you obviously know little about?
  5. Legends Paul Simonon and Mick Jones play live with the Gorillaz.....Dare
  6. http://www.songfacts.com/ it does exactly what it says on the tin...
  7. Sad news yesterday of the passing of Pink Floyd's Rick Wright. Rick was a quiet man with a huge talent. He wrote some of pink floyds more memorable songs and co-wrote many others. A truly sad day for music lovers all over the world. RIP Rick.
  8. Having lived in Mossbank for the past 30 years i feel i am more than qualified to speak up for the residents of our town. Everywhere you go in life has its share of deviants,make no mistake, but the blatant blatherings of pish talkers like Spencey7 do little to dispel this myth that Mossbank is a bad place to live. Mossbank is a pleasent, peaceful, quiet, friendly place to stay.I would encourage anyone who wanted to move to Shetland to consider living here. My advice to any wouldbe incomers,be they in Shetland or outwith the isles is to listen to people who know what they are talking about rather than some of the ill-advised sharn that has been spouted on here.
  9. Hmph.... Another one headed for a council house in Mossbank. I wander if he will get a walking stick, and go hirpling along the street with the rest of them! Yes,lets hear what you are trying to say here.
  10. Its that time of year again so..... http://www.chunkideas.com/snowball/ .....bump....pnsfw
  11. http://www.armorgames.com/games/7deadlysins_popup.html 7 deadly sins
  12. Was in toon on Saturday and went over to have a wee look at this ship with my wee boy.When we walked back there was a guy doing some exercises at the foot of the gangway.He spoke to my son and asked if we would like a look around.Turns out he is the captain and he took us all round his ship.The wee man was made up.Big dent and scrape on the bow was caused by a French trawler who refused to stop for an inspection,resulting in a collision.In the rear section of the boat is a large helecopter all folded up which can be made ready in around 5 mins.The large square thing midships with a cover over it is an emergency escape shoot.The ship is armed with a large gun on the bow and they also have small arms.
  13. http://www.1-click.jp/ Just let it load and move yer moos aboot!!!
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