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  1. yes sellaness and collafirth are too congested and sellaness is a poor pier for fishing boats
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    would it no mak more sense to lay down grit earlier in the morning and to stop gritting on the main roads through the height of the day, many a day the boys are out gritting when there is lots of traffic moving about, so the cars etc is probably keeping the snow and frost of the roads, its early morning and late at night i think it should be layed down, a couple hours earlier on the main roads could see them on the B roads sooner too, and starting from tea time till later at night would help too
  3. Sorry for the confusion. There has apparently been men/boys buying a boat and getting the previous owner to keep a share in the boat so they can get the permit, if the previous owner is going out of the industry this shouldn't need to happen as its may not be more pressure on stocks, the ssmo should have no gripe with this, An Intresting letter in the Shetland times by Ronnie young this week, maybe it's time for a meeting with the ssmo and current applicants and current permit holders to see what everybody wants, time to sort this out now!!
  4. Papsy, what was the out come of the meeting? What progress has the rebellion made?
  5. If somebody has s permit they can have somebody else named on the permit like a son or nephew etc, so if the permit holder passes away that permit can be transferred, I have heard of people buying boats and keeping the original owner on the permit with a share and not even trying to buy the boat and getting the permit transferred 100% into there name, if you go through the proper channels the ssmo should have no objection to it if no more fishing effort or the original owner wants to another permit, as I understand it!! When the ssmo was started anybody who wanted a licence got one, because this is what the government wanted, nothing was ever said about keeping the same quantity of licences for ever, it was supposedly started to help stocks and fishing effort and fishermen were fed up of the boom and bust times, for instance if there was 120 permits but as boats went out of the fleet and stock levels weren't at s sustainable level no permits would be handed out
  6. Baron Redsain why do you keep comparing everything to orkney, is it just crabs your intrested in? its two completely differant places, they have a lot of crab and not a lot of scallops, the isle of man has its own licence scheme and rules, why have you no spoken about that, i have not heard one person with a ssmo permit say they dont want anymore boats in, if stock levels arent geat why would anybody in their right mind want to buy a boat to put more effort on that, if stock was good there would be no reason not to give out permits, stocks could be down for many reasons, so how does handing out permits help this? how would a free for all help this
  7. what does everybody want out o the ssmo? -- Scrap it. do they want it? -- No. what would be better? No SSMO. how do you make it fair for everybody and keep stocks healthy? Gear restrictions? how can you have gear restrictions if you dont have a managment organisation? who is going to implament the rules? far better to have the ssmo making rules to try and help stocks than have marine scotland etc trying to close big areas of fishing ground for no apparent reason, which would have happened if the ssmo wasnt here. ps well said trowie
  8. what does everybody want out o the ssmo? do they want it? what would be better? how do you make it fair for everybody and keep stocks healthy?
  9. most folk that am heard and have spoken to that are annoyed about the ssmo is part timers that are wanting to work a few creels when they are aff shift! how many folk is wantin tae go to da scallops or the crabs full time, its just my opinon, but i feel shetland would be worse off we a free for all. you canna really compare this to orkney as they have there own factorys to work up crab, what does shetland have a hot head that complains aboot the ssmo and he isna getting enough crab for his truck and annoys everybody that lands to him!! if the meeting at tingwall was such a success why is the ssmo commitee still in place, i think maybe the nae sayers maybe have'nt looked into the legal side of everything!! brown crab price and market is poor because of the likes of orkney with there big fleet of crabs boats floading the market with crabs, and you here of cold stores being fool all the time, but as a land lubber i widna ken aboot dat, the ssmo has a lot of work to do to make the regulating order everything it can and should be but it is making progress, in my opinon, cheers and good fishing
  10. blue beetle whit a lot o rubbish, the biggest percentage of shellfish fishermen want the ssmo, its just a few thats no getting there own wye that want rid o it. if they didna it windna be in place, you need something in place tae stop it being a free for all,
  11. if you issue aloan it should be paid back, the sic cannot issue grants for the fishing industry anymore due to eu bureaucracy
  12. Shetland’s seafood industry is worth £300 million a year to the islands, a figure that surpasses the value of the oil, gas, agriculture, tourism, and creative industries combined is this not reason enough to invest in shetlands fishing fleet! this boat will employ at lease 5 men at all times, will take ice and boxes and gear and use shetland engineers the same as all the other boats in the fleet. for every fishermen there is a 3 to 4 men/women employed on shore. yes the council is hard up for cash (when it suits them) but local businesses should be invested in.
  13. thanks for that, i will look in to it thanks again
  14. Hello we have recently bought a house and would like to change the name, does anybody know how you go about it??
  15. whit is going on we da pelican crossings in the toon, they are next tae none o them working properly! they used to work fine then they changed them noo they are rubbish, have tae be severe health and safety issues we dat.
  16. i also think that cost cutting should start from the top! i think if the wans in the toon hall should cut dir pay and dir spending folk might be more understanding to the cuts they are making the rest of shetland suffer. lead by example!!! "setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, its the only means" Albert Einstein..
  17. i think closing schools in the out lying areas is not the best idea in the world and would not be ideal for the children with all the travel that will be involved, but it has been done before. i also think that while the folk in the country and the isles are not wanting there children to be doing all the travelling etc and how there education may be hampered, i ask what about the lerwick bairns, they all ready have quite big classes why would they want more bairns in the anderson would this help or hinder the lerwick bairns?
  18. thanks very much for all the info, its appreciated
  19. i didnt realise that, i have heard about this in a few houses up here and wondered what is was and how you fixed it. don't want to upset anybody. is this fixable or is it a case of re bricking the house??
  20. i heard somebody the other day speaking about "sullom blocks" and i was wondering if somebody could explain about them, and what happens when a house is built with them.
  21. tesco is only doing this because there is a market for the food, panic buying to the max just noo, or is it folk is just dat used we getting stuff when they want, they have turned very un organised, lets face it this weather has been forecast from monday, folk should realise that if they checked the forecast (windguru and magic seaweed is good) they would gotten there shopping sooner and the same goes for tesco and the coop should have had more food trailers shipped up on thursday, but bravo to tesco for getting the plane up!! as far as the ferrys sailing it just no weather for them to do it and would be silly to do so! the north sea is no place to be with this weather whatever boat,ship your in, specially the ships the have at northlink, poor poor design! enjoy your shopping and have a good xmas!!!
  22. It amuses me how folk blame Lerwick folk for mareel, cause am fae Lerwick and I didna ask for it tae be built! Mareel was built in Lerwick because its the town! The same way as in Aberdeen they built union square, why would they build union square miles and miles out of Aberdeen? Cause the bulk of people is in the city, makes sense? No?? The same wye I didna ask for 8 leisure/swimming pools tae be built, are they paying for themselves?? I am not condoning what the council is done but mareel is here and wir ALL going to have to live with it, the same way as wir living with the yell ferries which are far to overly for the job, and are a pure drain on the shetland economy, I feel for whalsay what are in dire need of new ferris but they probably shot themselves in the foot we not being able to agree on a suitable site for the terminals which bye the way is not symbister!! Am really vexed the council is not helping public halls because they are an asset to community's and get eveyvody together. But there is no way on gods green earth this is all Lerwick folks fault, if country and isles folk are so bothered about where mareel is been built knock it down a move it cause I couldn't care less!!!!!
  23. i hope scalloway and skerries both get kept open for the good of their communitys
  24. this is just another complete disaster by sellaness, the linga has been a waste of money just exactly the same as the yell sound ferrys, everything about them is over the top and with more money spent on fancy electronics that are not needed on the short runs they do, absoulte joke, this is where the shetland money is being wasted and needs a big shake up!!!!!!!!!
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