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  1. Hi all just want to mention on here what a fantastic shop Scoop Wholefoods are I shop there often a great range of top quality products sold and very friendly helpful staff. I came across a new beverage now sold there called Roots Soda, I tried both of their products "Hoodoo" and "Klaleidoscope" and was very impressed refreshing and unique. I can certainly recommend this brand to anyone looking for an alternative to the other mainstream fizzy beverages. www.scoopwholefoods.co.uk
  2. A well written letter by Mr Andrews well done , don't know who he is but Sustainable Shetland needs him onboard to fight this flawed proposal. http://www.shetnews.co.uk/letters/7524-time-warp
  3. THE PROMOTERS behind Glasgow’s world famous T in the Park music festival have signed a deal to bring acts to Shetland’s new music venue Mareel when it opens this summer. Sounds like great news and the building is nearly finished , should be some good gigs on then
  4. What is the troubles posers are having , licence ? finance ? does anyone know ?
  5. Is it not something to do with seals missing from the windows , which are causing them to leak , i heard the windows should have been installed by the company that went bust but instead a local contractor did it but never put the seals in. This mareel project seems to have had a hellish amount of problems , who is footing the bill for it ? i thought it was a fixed price build.
  6. Well Wishart, Manson and co will be munching on the volovants and quaffing the Champagne tonight.
  7. Had the public of shetland been given a vote on it, then there would be no dissension. So much for democracy .
  8. I dont go out much either , ive been put off by the standard of Lerwick pubs , Such as poor service and attitude of bar staff , rotten toilets (wheel bar i hope your reading this), no reinvestment ,the general cost of drink and taxis home , What i expect is a clean and warm enviroment , friendly staff , a good juke box , good pool cues , some food even if its just a hot pie or a plate of lattice fries with dips , free wifi , toilets that are cleaned often and dont smell like the mens toilet in the Thule ! Is there any truth that the Scalloway Hotel guy is taking over the Kiln Bar , heard
  9. We would return fire with our soft air bb guns
  10. We used to buy old cars and rally them around an old quarry hole and bit of a track . it was great fun and kept us off the streets , we had motorbikes aswell , also used to take the air guns and set up a target range we old tins and bottles , oh the memories Just think off the fun we could have had if there had been all these cheap cars for sale like there is now on Shetlink , it would have been a demolition derby
  11. Just playing football manager 2011 , i cant seem to get into any new games these days , i just dont find them as playable and enjoyable as i used to ? Could anynoe recommend a good strategy game for the pc , thats not too hard to get into ?
  12. Had an excellent feed fae flames the other day , service was great and reasonable price !
  13. What they were fined is peanuts to them , in my opinion the fairest and best way to deal with them would be a life ban from fishing , plenty of other guys who would love the chance to work on the pelagic boats , boats should also be made a lot smaller with quotas shared out , more boats , more jobs for the boys and a better and fairer cut of the cake. I doubt it will ever happen but who knows ?
  14. I have no sympathy for them , they should have had thier house in order like any other buisness , football needs a salary cap , transfer fund cap to give other teams a chance of silverware and make it a more interesting thing to watch
  15. I think that if you took a look at the figures we as an island provide a considerable boost to the Westminster coffers ! Yes the service is subsidised but that doesnt mean we should be deprived of a daily ferry ! that weve probably paid for ten fold anyway with our oil tax contibutions etc , we have paid our way thats for damned sure !
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