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  1. does anybody ken if der is still a car boot sale on at bridge end hall da morn?
  2. thanks for dat, i dont think da shop in scalloway buys books, but will ask andrew. da only shetland book among dem is an old shetland school atlas
  3. hiya, does anyone in shetland buy old/antique books?
  4. new scammer today - goes by the name of prince1234 selling siamese kittens and also selling parrots for a suspiciously cheap price is obviously another scammer - AVOID AT ALL COST!
  5. I never said that there was anything wrong with his beliefs, i was actually concerned that he might have been a vulnerable adult, but it seems i was wrong..... and he would be made welcome at the rally, but DEFINATELY wouldnt be able to stay overnight on the rally ground without a ticket
  6. some scammers however, are very convincing, asking you lots of appropriate questions that would nearly convince you that they are for real.
  7. if he turns up at da rally, were a good bunch really, so sure he will likely get a better welcome dan he wid get anywar else... and he will fit in just fine.....
  8. Well, as you have met him, im sure you have a good idea if he is "okay" or not..... i would imagine that if he does get up to the bike rally, there will be a lot o folk he will meet there that will be more "eccentric and unique" than he is...;)
  9. ^^^ He sounds like a poor soul to me but maybe he is just an "individual eccentric"....who knows?? I hope they have contacted the authorities, as he could be vulnerable.
  10. PET SCAMS Due to seeing a lot of scams on here recently, and knowing someone who lost a lot of money on it, I have decided to write this to try and prevent it happening to anyone else. If you are thinking to buy any type of pet, you MUST actually visit the animal in its current environment, especially if it is something like a dog or a cat. Only an unthinking pet purchaser would simply accept a photograph, a description and the say-so of the seller, as to the health and emotional state of the pet in question. If you cannot actually visit the animal, or are refused, then you have to walk aw
  11. hi, there is a lady on here who has tried to con me recently on a pup she "apparently" had for sale. today, i have also prevented someone else on here from being conned out of money. I have reported her to shetlink, as has the lass she nearly conned today. PLEASE dont get conned by her read this link for more info - her name is jessicagray034 http://www.fraudwatchers.org/forums/showthread.php?t=56174
  12. @kavi....:) the bairns fae scallowa school were involved fae mornin till afternoon.... 5 bairns were da flagbearers, and all da bairns were dere for da official opening, wi lots o da bairns doing different things inbetween :)
  13. its ok, did my own investigation as i ken you are all busy wi jobs etc, and i was bored... ......... she said she was in kirkwall, and would send the pup if i paid 150 pounds delivery.... i replied and told her my fiance was in orkney working, and that he would come and view them - (har dee har)..... this was her reply.......... "i am a shop owner and hardly have time as i work from 7am till about 7pm with no assistance so the only time i have is spending with my family.so delivery would be the only option"
  14. I might be wrong, this might not be a scam, but just be wary folks ....
  15. there is an advert from "jessicagray034" on the classifieds page. her number is a 070 number, which may be international. be VERY WARY of contacting her about these pups, there is a lot of scams going on (i cant figure out how to report hmy suspicions on here....) can anyone tell me how?
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