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  1. Just recently got a fridge freezer from John Lewis. Their prices are a bit higher for large domestic appliances than some other suppliers, but they are the only supplier I have dealt with which do not charge extra for delivery to the Isles. Well worth supporting.
  2. hairyian says "leaving the SIC to payfor their own made mess" yes, but with our money. The tugs were widely reported as having cost about £7 million each, I do not know if it is correct but I was assured by one of the crew that there was a lease purchase deal, so the real cost was around £10 million each???[/i]
  3. Broadband been up and down all summer, since last night speed from Plusnet has been download less than 260 kbps, upload less than 60 kbps. When will Ofcom come to our rescue???
  4. About a year ago I also had a hot water cylinder delivered to Aberdeen but chose Shetland Transport for onward delivery to Lerwick who up till then I had found reasonable. They charged me £55.57 so well done Northward. A different topic but have a word with a plumber or two before installing copper tank/pipework here in Shetland.
  5. Daveh, There is a lot of stuff out there, could this be it? http://www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/history/scotlandonfilm/map/location.shtml?location=northeastscotland
  6. I seem to recall that the problems with the previous tugs concerned them not achieving the required bollard pull. Rumour has it that the problems with the current new tugs concerns handling and reliability, which is a much more serious problem for those who crew them. When supposed to be going in a straight line the tugs are crabbing like a yacht making leeway, and what is worse this crabbing can flop from one side to the other. When on the bow line the last thing wanted is a loss of control or a blackout, which can easily result in the loss of tug and more importantly the crew. It appears tha
  7. Interesting to note the Shetland not Scottish theme, anyone notice the number of "Shetland" men getting married in kilts, a consequence of Transvestite Tuesday perhaps?
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