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  1. Didn't we have a tornado a few years back?  Can remember we were at Collafirth Pier with the boat when the wind got up out of no where and bins on the pier started heading off up the pier and all sorts.  It was (as someone else has said) rather exciting.


    yesterday wasn't that bad, the power stayed on in Northmavine, although it was touch and go for a while.

  2. Well they saved me £15 on a half tank of fuel, I can't remember the last time half a tank cost me £30!


    Scott and Phoebe are fantastic, the previous owners were fine enough, but to walk in on the new owners first of second day and be welcomed with a big cheery 'Hi. how's things this morning?' was fantastic. They are always chatty, alway pleasant and now they're doing something about the ridiculous fuel prices we pay in the islands. As he said to me today they have lost money hand over fist by lowering their prices, but rather than worry about it they did it, so hats off to them!

  3. my car doesn't like going over 50, it hates the muppets that insist on trying to drive their little cars and pickups into my back seat even more!


    the way the roads have been in the morning this last few days even with the gritters being out early, going much over 40 isn't a great option

  4. I felt sorry for a fellow fuel pump attendee this week when his bill was £177.50, suddenly my gripes about the car costing £70 to fill disappeared, if he fills up as often as I need to, its nearly £700 a month!


    Crazy, when the hell will they get the idea :evil:

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