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  1. Those are two different planes. G-LGNJ G-LGNA EDIT: Nevermind, I see now you weren't necessarily saying they were the same.
  2. The maps definitely aren't accurate if that's what they say. My O2 phone almost never has signal in the North Isles (a couple of spots in Yell and occasionally on higher points in Unst, but otherwise useless), so I bought a cheap EE PAYG that works just about everywhere. I haven't used a Vodafone phone in either but from what I hear they're not as good as EE.
  3. I really don't know what you're talking about any more.
  4. Also, whilst it may be on dubious grounds ethically, it is entirely illegal to block internet ads. There are various means to do that and a few options that do not require advanced IT knowledge to put in place. Some providers are beginning to get wise to it and block users who block ads, but those are still few and far between.
  5. Adverts are a means of paying for the hard work that goes in to providing web content. If you want content produced for free there's plenty out there. Do you complain about adverts in print newspapers or on television? How do you suggest media companies fund their work otherwise? Given you're also seemingly opposed to subscriptions I'm not sure what you're suggesting, other than that people should work for nothing for your benefit. If you haven't upgraded since Vista then it's hardly a surprise you should have to pay. Again, this is a simple result of a lot of work going into these things.
  6. Congratulations by the way Brian, it's good to see hard work pay off and receiving this funding is definitely a big achievement for a community like Fair Isle.
  7. What?! Computers are cheaper than they've ever been. If all you're doing is browsing the internet and doing basic word processing, you can get a Chromebook laptop for comfortably under £200. If you need a high end performance machine it'll cost a fraction of what it would have even ten years ago. Broadband is getting cheaper all the time, albeit with faster speeds meaning more expensive options are available for those who want them. You can get very powerful virus protection completely free (and I mean legal options, rather than easily accessed pirated copies if you are so inclined).
  8. I said it was an ignorant post, not that you yourself are necessarily ignorant. Knowledge of IT certainly didn't shine through in denouncing faster broadband based on the idea companies would only benefit through customers accessing their websites. I'm not sure the point of your paragraph about bottlenecks - you'll always be as slow as the slowest part of the chain, so... what? Don't upgrade services in Shetland, often the slowest part of the chain? It's great that Lerwick, Scalloway and much of the south Mainland now have access to FTC broadband, in some cases even FTTP broadband. Much of
  9. Sorry but this is a very ignorant post. The difference between average and 'superfast' broadband has little bearing on general web browsing - chances are you wouldn't notice the fractions of a second faster that a Shetlink page would load after upgrading. Where it does have a big effect is on wider internet services: file transfers, video conferencing, collegiate working on shared documents in real time. These can also massively improve productivity in the modern workplace and would allow enterprise that simply isn't possible in Shetland at the moment.
  10. Would recommend getting in touch with the local Cats Protection group (01595 840 588) and with the cattery at Gott (01595 840 275). I realise they're probably not the focus of your study but could probably advise better on this than most on here. I think there are a few pet owners' groups on Facebook too but I'm not certain of names.
  11. hjasga


    Given the amount of vicious bile, accusations of being 'traitors' and 'feart' - and downright aggression - shown by a not unsubstantial amount of Indy supporters after the referendum votes were counted, I could take you to task on that portion of your post, Hjasga....... If you wish to argue that those idiots represent most independence supporters, on you go. It's a quiet Monday morning and I could do with a laugh.
  12. hjasga


    As is so often the case when we meet in threads, I simply cannot get around to your way of thinking. I know a lot of people like to make out otherwise, but Sturgeon evidently does care about Scotland and want what she feels is best for it. In this case, being out of the EU is not what she considers best, whatever its possible implications in the longer term goal for independence. It's all a nice idea in sandbox thinking but the real world practicalities are rather different - independence for Scotland is not within her purview, it requires not only on the UK Government recognising another refe
  13. hjasga


    All very nice on paper but back here in the real world I don't think any party leader would be so feckless. Why on Earth do something you don't want to do in the vain hope that it leads to something you would like happening? It's very far from guaranteed things would play out like that, and as such would be completely counterintuitive. What you're suggesting would be an approach of far less integrity than simply saying, "I am pro-EU and therefore I hope people will vote to stay". Most independence supporters - however some Unionists might like to pain them - do not generally wish to see Sco
  14. hjasga


    I don't see them as "afraid". I just don't think they see it as credible. The creation of Wir Shetland perhaps gives it more credibility but I don't think it would be seen seriously unless perhaps in the circumstances Whalsa outlines - or more likely once Shetlanders elected a pro-autonomy representative to either Parliament. To date I don't see what those outside of Shetland could look at as evidence of any significant level of support for the idea.
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