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  1. The mussel farmers in Shetland don’t export any to the EU so they will be fine. Griegs problems had nothing to do with brexit as they themselves have said and the other salmon companies in Shetland are doing fine. The main impact on the mussel and Finfish industry at the moment is COVID and not Brexit, as restaurants etc are closed or needing less product.
  2. Another problem with the EU and trade is that the current 28 countries have to agree so anything takes a ridiculous amount of time and there ends up with winner and loser countries in the EU. Countries dealing one to one is far quicker and can give more advantages to countries as you don’t have to lose out on say fish duty, due to a tariff wanted by someone else in the EU like turnip farmers in Belgium etc. The UK will do fine on trade out with the EU as it will be able to go after it’s own interests and not he hampered by 27 other countries wanting something else.
  3. The tariffs are on the EU, so if we were out they would not effect us.
  4. Wish I could believe them but organizations have been crying wolf for far to long. For example from an article in the Spectator: "According to today’s IPCC report we now have 12 years to avert climate catastrophe. That might not sound long, but it means we are a good deal further away from doom that we were in 2007, when the WWF said we had five years to save the world. The doomsday clock hadn’t moved in 2011 when the International Energy Agency warned us that we had five years to start slashing carbon emissions or lose the chance forever. By last year it had shortened to three years, according to Christiana Figueres, the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. But now it’s right up at 12 years, presumably meaning that we can pretty twiddle our thumbs until 2030 – a whole 18 years after the WWF told us the world would come to an end if we didn’t slash carbon emissions."
  5. Reading the information am I right in thinking people are better to just put stuff that can be burned like paper etc in their general rubbish, as the district heating can then burn it, but can't if it is put to be recycled?
  6. The USA is Scotlands main country that salmon is exported to and also China is getting increasingly important, so as we can get free trade deals with both that should boost exports to both. Also even with tariffs buyers in the EU will still buy Scottish salmon as it's a premium product. So Brexit should in the long term be a boost to the industry.
  7. The poll was worse than ones we used to do at school. Would be better if the Shetland Times or a group without a vested interest in the result did one. I don't disagree with the polls out comes just the methodology and someone doing it who is keen for a certain result.
  8. But they are in European safe countries such as France. Why are the French not dealing with them and taking them into care? How or why is it our responsibility? What about the pressure this would put on existing services and the children here that are in need? All the photos are of 5 year olds but mainly these are males who say they are under 18 but as has been shown in Norway 9 out of 10 of migrants claiming this are lieing when given medical scrutiny. They know the system and how it will be easier for them, you can't blame them. Also what about the threat to other children. A lot of these children are just to be used as a bridge head for the rest of the family to get in. In France people try to help these children which are supposedly on their own but then a family member will appear and say they are with them. Also think of all the future lives put at risk once they start to hear that unaccompanied children can get into the UK it would be a huge pull factor and is totally irresponsible.
  9. It and other schools that are not vilable should be closed for the greater overall good.
  10. I would not allow 16yrs olds to vote, as they don't have enough life experience. The only reason it's being pushed at the moment is like with the snp for the Scottish referendum they think allowing them will mean more of a chance of a yes in the European referendum. As why trust them to vote but not to buy alcohol or drive?
  11. How match will Shetland disabled and elderly lose out if we let some Syrians come here? I feel sorry for them, but Shetlands money should just be for our own, its morally wrong anything else, that should be up to individuals if they want to spend their money differently. The Syrians that the uk is taking will trump any money anyone's sick elderly relation or disabled relation should be due. It's not right that our people lose out just so some people can feel good for helping some foreign people, it's morally wrong.
  12. I like the idea as well, but seems that in practice yet again it's a bit of a scam.
  13. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the embittered bigots in my big screed about the joys of Shetland ! We still have people that if you don't "follow the script" like to cry and denounce you and shout you down. I can unstandardised why you would like to leave England, it's not what it was anymore after it was enriched and made vibrant. Luckily in Scotland we are more boring monoculture and cohesive.
  14. Every poll I have seen say no one wants any More, but the great and the good can put us plebs In our place and use our money for their misguided Ideals. It's sickening if it was not so important.
  15. All it takes is for good people to give in to evil like the people who are hell bent on destroying our Europe one bit at a time. Our people have to protect ourselves, let the so called do gooders/traitors not be the majority. They make me so sad they hate what our forebears fought for so hard, they will be the death of Europe. Every poll I see is against any more migration. It has been the ruin of the west.
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