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  1. Why is it always the state that has to do something.
  2. The spiked drink excuse is scraping the barrel, must have been some powerful micky finn if he was still affected a day later. Think he meant there was alcohol in his drink of alcohol. I agree a kicking may do some of these people the world of good and be more humane and cheaper in the long run.
  3. Worrying what is coming in the sooth mooth nowadays.
  4. I dont see what the problem is with the parking space? It is full when a film is sold out or something big on, like the Hobbit first screening last night. But just means you park either at the museum or council building, which are both less than 60 seconds away, so what is the problem? Only problem i have with the parking are those horrible stupid lights that are set at such a level it makes car maneuvers harder than it has to be. The ligh components should have been set lower to the ground instead of car eye line level.
  5. Getting out of the EU would help the Shetland fishing industry as only UK boats would have acess to our fishing grounds, which would also help to make it more sustainable. So im voting UKIP.
  6. http://www.cracked.com/article_16478_7-movies-based-true-story-that-are-complete-bullturd_p2.html In the article above he sound like a most unsavoury character, unlike how the film portrayed him.
  7. Dogs against drugs was started with good intentions and seemed like a good idea at the time but like many good intentions it had an unforseen negative that is unpaltitable for people to admit in that it clamped down on easier to detect safer soft drugs such as cannabis making them harder to obtain which led to an increase in harder to detect, more profitable drugs such as heroin. I bet if you had a graph showing when the dogs were introduced and the use in certain drugs this would show it to be true, it had a knock on effect of making more people take harder drugs as the normal soft drugs were not available. It would be better if the money just went to the police for other activities instead of to this. Most busts are due to intelligence and the dogs only help to make it slightly easier or to be a deterant, they are not cost effective.
  8. I think the whole area should have affordable housing. If that happens bet all the people in the area who complained and moaned about the new AHS when it was to be constructed there will be wishing it had gone ahead!
  9. It should be closed, it is a nonsense a school being open with so few children.
  10. What Simon Boker-Ingram was speaking about doing sounded like a great improvement for the clients. I can understand the workers not wanting change, but things cannot be the same and stagnent forever. They are only coming into line with care centres south and the surplus of workers have had it their own way for to long here. It made me laugh that the Union were so desperate to try and interfere in the changes they are trying to say that the changes are sexist! They realy are scraping the bottom of the barrel with that argument.
  11. That sounds terrible paulb, I would not want any children having anything to do with religion let alone being forced to participate in it unless learn about in in RE etc. Especially that religion due to the way it treats certain groups and its intolerance. I agree on the racisism bit, it is only a few individuals who can not hold their drink getting wasted and mouthing off, just using that word between swear words. A few idiot individuals does not tar a whole community.
  12. Gibbons and the other management should be sacked, but instead it will likely that nothing happens and the same old mantra will be used "lessons will be learnt".
  13. Its a farce that they could not use existing laws and thought that Shetland as so bad that it needed extra laws? Farce? Poilice not doing their job?
  14. They did not get the bye law passed the first time, so just did what the EU does and tried again till they got the result they wanted. Its a stupid bye law, you hardly ever saw anyone drinking on the streets, they allready had laws they could use if it ever was a problem, but just wanted to infringe more of the publics rights.
  15. Its is crazy so many folk in social care and education, but if the SIC trys cutting it then people are up in arms, they cant win.
  16. I can understand why they only fix things that are bought from them.
  17. The so called bedroom tax, which is not even a tax, seems like the government is only making things fairer. How is it fair that someone not working and having everything paid for them can have extra bedrooms when someonne whos working and cannot afford them has to do without? Its peverse, no wonder hardly anoyone was at the march.
  18. I agree, its allready done in the rest of Scotland.
  19. Would you be as kind as to show me one of these polls where "most people are for it"? Yougov who are one of the top pollsters in the UK say that it seems to be a vocal minority who are against it as 49% are for it and 38% against it, even with all the bashing its been having. http://ukpollingreport.co.uk/blog/archives/7132
  20. Firstly its not a tax and secondly why should people who are working and having to pay high rent and cannot afford a spare room no matter now much they would like one subsidise others just because they feel entitled to one, that seems unfair to me. No wonder in most polls people are for it.
  21. I will try that Biglad, i did try bleeding the effected radiator before, but it seemed to have no effect. After all the new system was put in the radiators were cold at the bottom in some room, opening the valves on the left hand side seemed to fix all of them except this one?
  22. Valves were not open enough on some radiators and one of them is colder in the bottom than the top.
  23. Can anyone recommend a plumber that knows what they are doing with district heating? The plumber I got to put it in seems to have not known what he was doing with settings etc.
  24. Does anyone else find the sentences give out by the sheriff court odd at times and not consistant? For example he puts this person to jail: http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/6494-sheriff-stands-firm-on-jailing-dealers While these two get what more or less is a slap on the wrist: http://www.shetnews.co.uk/newsbites/6495-hooded-burglars-avoid-prison I know which of them I would have sent to jail.
  25. It is a joke, you are rewarded for bad behaviour and not trying to better yourself and penalised for good. I would make having a job be a factor for you getting to the top of the list.
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