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  1. The OP has no real idea about the history, geography, culture or economy of "the Shetlands" and is blinded by the misguided green agenda and their figure heads.
  2. Everyone I have spoken to in "the Shetlands" says the scientists dont know what they are on about and use out of date data, Hugh is just taking advantage of a topic for his own ends i.e. to raise his profile and give him something to make a programme about (which has been rubbish so far I have to add). He wont be happy till he has all the fishermen out a job unless they go out in a punt with a handline.
  3. Looks like a personal Vendetta is going on here. Sure a personal vendetta going on commenting on something to do with Up Helly Ah in a Up Helly Ah thread, i did not even mention the guys name! sheesh, talk about paranoid.
  4. I see more people getting banned in the Shetland Times today.
  5. I know someone who was assualted on the street near the Fort, they asked if it was caught on CCTV and were told it was no use as the folk could not be identified. I have heard this is a problem with CCTV that they play down that it may show an assualt but it is difficult to prove the assualter is who it is with it CCTV as they can just say it is someone who looks like them. Its been a waste of money.
  6. It will just bring the waiting times in the country more in line with the Lerwick health centre.
  7. I hear the cost they are asking to hire it and pay the bouncers is to much.
  8. Good on Tescos, least they did somthing instead of moaning about it, good to see that the basic founation of supply and demand is still working well.
  9. I like the cinema, but the numbers on the chairs can be hard to see as the part they are stuck on the armrest are angled downwards. I noticed a large crack across the floor where the entrance part joins the bar.
  10. I agree with spending to save, even if loans have to be taken out to build them in the long run they will finally start saving money instead of ferries. They should have been built years ago in the times of plenty but no one seems to have forward vision and wanted results now with throwing money at it.
  11. They should move it to a Friday night instead of the stupid Tuesday that is used.
  12. That sounds like a good idea, if people want it off they should take a days holiday.
  13. It seems a lot of the stuff they have on is no interest to anyone except the "arty" or "music playing" crowd.
  14. It seemed to show those that shout the loudest get their own way. Actual facts went out the window.
  15. I agree on some of those points, I saw Skyfall and had to put up with people putting their feet on the back of my seat, people making a terrible noise eating things and rustling and children that looked about 5 babbling through the film. Annoying when you are trying to enjoy a film.
  16. Are they getting paid while out there? They did in the past! It was a disgrace that Shetland gave so much money to the area when Orkney said they could not afford it and it was nothing to do with Shetland but should have been done by national government, charities and individuals, but it made the Councilors feel good splashing our cash in a gesture, contributing to the problems we are in now.
  17. But the only way you do fail if its something major such as no hot water or infested with rats. So some of the places that need to improve could be quite bad as its only in extreme circumstances they fail.
  18. http:// http://ratings.food.gov.uk/search/en-GB?sm=1 Finaly a web site you can see all the health inspections in Shetland. With the ones that have failed and need improvments I am not suprised, a lot of them look so dirty and the stories i have heard about some would make your toes curl. Hope this makes them improve but I doubt it for a lot of them.
  19. The amenity trust are just being hysterical, after their empire building they dont want to have to make cuts like everyone else is having to. I would rather cuts there than in other areas. They should charge to go in the museum to try and get some income.
  20. Can they not just build a huge hostel type building for these people on the waiting list? A lot of people on it can easy still stay with their parents or relations, the number is a joke.
  21. Its a supermarket trick to try and get you to buy something you normally dont when you go to where the thing used to be and find it no longer there but replaced with other stuff you may see something you did not plan to buy and buy it.
  22. I would rather they stayed with the unreserved seating, if people are complaining about not being able to sit together its their own fault for coming late.
  23. ^^^^ I agree Fjool with everything you said.
  24. I agree some of the films i wanted to see as well seemed to be on at odd times. I was a bit underwhelmed with my first visit, it was nice but not as nice/special as i expected. The cinema was very good though, great clear picture and sound, plus lovely seats, but i guess anything was better than the garrison. Anyone think the revolving door to get in goes at some lick! I dont know how someone who can not move at a good pace would get on. I hope its a sucess though but cannot see it breaking even. Its a shame all the negative press it has got due to the ongoing sagas of problems which has not helped.
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