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  1. I heard Councillor Manson mouthing off today they should cut the island allowance, shame they are so ill informed they do not realise the money comes from central government and would thus be detrimental as there would be less spending money in Shetland and would save Shetland Islands Council nothing. But who cares as long as its a good sound bite
  2. Its Shetland, I dont think they were dressed up in gowns and white masks. No one made anyone come here to be subjected to our terrrible ways.
  3. I am glad its finally going to open and have booked my tickets for to films to support it, seemed reasonable prices. Hope they get Judge Dredd next month.
  4. Hope the councillors have the guts to do the right thing for the longrun and close the schools as at the moment they are unsustanable due to the huge costs of education in the isles.
  5. It says that the person he shouted at was white and did not look ethnic at all, so i think the guy must have some sort of mental health issue, as it says he was discharge from the navy for issues to do with that.
  6. Or the Tom Hanks film "The Money Pit"
  7. Monties is good, but I allways wonder what they did with the rest of it.
  8. The Scottish Government changed the rules that a lot mores stuff now can either be rubber stamped or delegated easier. Another problem is that if people do object a lot of the time it is not on planning grounds, so the planners hands are tied. Time wise a lot of the problem is the applicant not supplying enough information or through the consultation more info being needed from the applicant.
  9. Talk about being over the top and little to do! Loved that they even got the sign wrong though
  10. Mareel is going to have to get as many heavy drinkers in the door as they can, as no other way they can come near breaking even.
  11. Close more schools and cut down on the care budget, every thicko I met seems to be a "carer" seems to ge good money.
  12. Had a chippy fae da fort, it was lackluster, soggy chips, least better dan da auld ians, i canna even eat da stuff da dair pissed, Happy haddock is da best in da toon. But its all slim pickings.
  13. Odd, do you think it was people on a bus trip?
  14. The SIC has done far to much for people, far more than you would find at any other local authority, now it can not afford it anymore the people cannot take responsibility for themselves and family, its a bit pathetic.
  15. It should be the parents responsibility for them to get their children to school, to many people want the state to do everything for them. We walked to school for miles on single track and main roads and I dont remember a single accident, plus cars were still able to do 60mph past schools instead of 20mph at the time. Road safety was far laxer as well. People molly coddle their children to much, children are much more capable if only give the chance.
  16. Parents could take turns running them or parents could band together to get mini buses/buses. I dont see why the Council should have to pay if you live so close to a school.
  17. Sounds fair to me and may do some of the fat bairns some good. Cuts have to be made, none of them are popular, but they have to be made.
  18. Glad its finally nearly open and i am looking forward to seeing films there and gigs. But I am still worried in this time of no money the running cost as there is no way i can see it breaking even, which is a shame. Pity it was not built years ago with the sports centres, then it would have not have gotten such a negative response.
  19. I allways thought the nameing and shaming was a good part of the punishment for being a criminal. May make a few think twice. It also let people know who to watch out for, such as people who are allways theiving, so was usefull news for the community. The Orcadian was allways better as it had all the criminals in a section together instead of scattered through the paper.
  20. Why is the sport section over the top? If you're not interested in sport don't read it, I am so it keeps me happy!! Different strokes for different folks at the end of the day! I meant from the ammount of the paper that is sport it must be to the deprement of the rest. But I agree if you dont like somthing dont read it, I normally just skip it nowadays, except for the photos to see if there is anyone I know.
  21. I think they should have a limit on the readers letters length, they are to long and rambling and i am fed up of the same ones on the windfarm etc each week, that now I just skim over them. Selbie has the right idea with his letters. Also the ammount of sport seems over the top and the sounding off bit is usually left wing clap trap with nothing to do with Shetland.
  22. Im a Shetlander, I did not move here for pretty pictures or to cry about peat and birds, I know what like Shetland was before the oil and the nay sayers who did not want it, I think we should grab the opportunity of the windmills when we can, even if it does annoy da sooth moothers who have come here for retirement. They will be the first wans crying when da old folks homes they like to fill up start going down hill.
  23. Would love to know how much is spent by the Council a year on islands like this? Would it not be better to divide the money (say for what it would cost for 5yrs, "spend to save" as is the council current mantra) between the folk to get them all to leave? Sure they would all be millionaires many times over and in the long run save the Council a huge sum.
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