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  1. Some big cuts have to be made and the ferries are a good place to start.
  2. The cost of the ferries is unsustainable, the sooner they make cuts the better.
  3. very true. So, if nothing else should be a factor, I take it the next time a project comes along that would repossess your home and a load more in the area, you'd be in favour of it? Don't say it ain't happening with Viking; wait until you see the detailed plans for the converter station and where all the peripherals that go with it will go. Edit: "Nothing else should be a factor" - go the whole hog, build it on the flight path. Why bother restoring the peat; hell, it's only meant to be "saving the planet" by building it, isn't it? Sorry I own my house outright so it can not be repossed. When did Viking Energy get in to league with banks and plan to reposses homes? Last i heard it was banks that did that on their own if you did not pay your morgage? Hence if you have no morgage and own your home it cannot be repossed.
  4. As long as we make money it should be built, nothing else should be a factor.
  5. Its the same thing as those people wanting to marry their dogs or couches, I see nothing wrong with it, they should be allowed.
  6. I see on page 6 of the Shetland Times they have one of those lovely people who have moved up here, he likes it so much he would rather go to jail than move.
  7. At least 2 out of the 41 folk, but thats a very low week, so atleast around 5%, even that seems a high percentage for the number that must be here? Keep on looking each week as its normally higher. I agree a lot of them are hard workers but some are bad apples as well. But the worst seem to be from the sooth mooth UK. Wonder how many on that list came here that way? I can see a few names that stick out.
  8. You only have to look at the names on the court list in Shetland to see an unproportionate high ammount are immigrants, especially from Eastern Europe.
  9. I saw it, what a pile o pish.
  10. It was meant for this to stop the "braindrain" from Shetland and did work like this at the beginning, but then it was pointed out it was not legal to do this. Some most of the graduates that have been in the last few years have been from outwith Shetland, which seems to defeat the origional idea.
  11. Social care, education and ferries need the biggest cuts as the ammount of money they use up is totally out of hand.
  12. thats the first thing that went in my mind as well, but as you say we are maybe to cynical..
  13. I know a lot of people are against it but its built now so we have to make the best of it and try and make it a sucess. The 1am licence is cutting off your nose to spite your face.
  14. Its a farce that at the moment its hamstrung by only being allowed a 1am licence.
  15. I dont see why the SIC should be providing black bags. People should be providing their own.
  16. Most people I meet are for it and they dont shout.
  17. But Shetland got its reputation before any such lessions were the norm, if people are skilled and want to learn they will with or without tax payers sending money on them.
  18. If the Council only wanted the parents to pay £140 a year that is £11.66 a month, £2.69 a week, are people really saying that parents in Shetland who want their children to do music tution cannot or are not willing to pay this! I think they would be getting off lucky with such a low charge. Its far less than a pack of fags a pint or fish supper!
  19. Sorry to say I was there 2wks ago for lunch with high hopes, there were only people at two other tables when we got there and it still took nearly a hour for our food, the waiter forgot one of the side dishes and my friends dish was not very hot. Plus the portions were small for the price. I would not recommend it.
  20. I agree with you Russabell, it should either be all or none. Why should our taxes pay for it, surely if they are talented or want to do it the parents can pay. People in Shetland did not get music tuition given to them years ago, they learned themselves or from others, they should do that if the parents dont want to pay or would rather spend their cash on other things.
  21. Hope they get enough to make a decision and the decision is the sensible one to invest more so Shetland does not miss out.
  22. This topic is normally the elephant in the room that no one wants to mention. Especially politicans.
  23. Most folk I know seem to be for the windfarm but a lot of cases are scared to say so in public as there is a very vocal minority against it who do not take kindly in a lot of cases if you think the opposite. Everyone up here is used to a very high cost provision of amenities and the Council/Charitable Trust doing everything. There is having to be cuts and see what a song and dance people are making about even small cuts, I dont know where they think the money for all this is going to come from in the future unless we do something like the windfarm. Oil is a good example that there were a vocal group against at the time, but nearly everyone has to say now thank God it did!
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