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  1. I dont think it will be able to meet its running costs, which is a shame, its somthing that should have been built ages ago when all the leisure centres were built and there was plenty of money.
  2. I see the argument that they will kill birds does not stand up from the new evidence. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-17694256
  3. It seems like sensible solutions for the future. Hope it goes through.
  4. Seems to be mainly (not all) people fae sooth that are against the windmills. I listened to radio Shetland about it, not a Shetland voice was heard.
  5. I allways give to this. Good to see somthing that may help us all. I have no time for the sadists that keep on throwing their money at people in Africa at places that can not support themselves. Good to see there may be some actual good instead of more coruption and letting them have more children they can not support.
  6. I thinks its a wise was to get their message out to a lot of people in Shetland and may also help the stigma of mental health issues.
  7. I agree that there are a lot of terrible drivers in Shetland. My main bug bear is none signaling and people who pull out without looking.
  8. What popular? http://www.slate.com/articles/business/moneybox/2012/02/daily_mail_new_york_times_how_the_british_tabloid_became_the_world_s_most_popular_online_newspaper_.html
  9. I had some fine white plastic bags in a cuboard, i was not amused when they had degraded to dust, i thought the mice had been at them at first. They dont make plastic bags to last anymore.
  10. None of the new faces that say they are standing have seemed candidates to set the heather alight so far, but I hope I am proven wrong. Problem with the job is that unless you are unemployed, have your own buisness/ financially secure or in most cases retired then the money is not high enough for people to be able to do it.
  11. Seems there are a vocal minority who like to be offended at as much as possible or offended on others behalf. Their solution to everything is to ban it.
  12. The guy who did the petition would of had a seizure if he had gone to see the great exibition at the Shetland Museum on Shetland needle work, it has a quilt that is covered with golly wogs and very well crafted it is to. I bet 100% he is some one from sooth who has come up here and is hell bent on changing Shetland to fit his agenda.
  13. We should get out of the EU so we dont have to ut up with this rubbish.
  14. It is a disgrace and makes me embarrassed to be a Shetlander. Jonathan Wills letter makes good points, I have copied it below: So now we know, more or less, the size of the financial disaster from the Bressay Brig fiasco: about £2m spent on preliminary work for the brig that never was; plus £4.8m to settle Lerwick Port Authority’s claim for costs and damages after the SIC went to the Court of Session in 2005 and got a court order (called an interim interdict) to stop the LPA dredging da Nort Mooth, because it would get in the way of one of the Bressa Brig piers; plus the council’s own legal bills (to be advised, but no doubt a six-figure sum); plus the cost of hiring specialist surveyors to advise us (ditto); plus the cost of staff time spent on the case since 2005 (Guess what? They have no idea): so, probably about £7m in total. But no one is to blame. That £7m is lost forever. But no one is to blame. Even at today’s low investment returns, £7m could have earned us about £315,000 a year in interest and dividends. We could have spent this income, year after year, on old folks’ lunch clubs, holidays for vulnerable children, day care for pensioners, meals for school hostel pupils, music tuition, a town bus terminal, free ferries for seniors, free waste skips, public toilets - and many other council services that, until now, have made this one of the world’s most civilised small communities. No one is to blame, but lessons have been learned. No one is to blame, but new procedures are in place. It couldn’t happen again. Maybe not. But why did it happen in the first place? Most councillors just don’t want to hear any more about it. On Monday (20/2/12) they actually voted 9:4 against asking the council’s Audit & Standards Committee to hold an inquiry. It would cost too much to find out what it had cost, we heard. No one wanted to rake over all this, all over again, someone else said. The council’s vote against an inquiry was irrelevant because the internal auditors must investigate, anyway. Their independent, factual report must, under the new constitution, come to the Audit Committee in due course. After that, even the Accounts Commission will presumably take a renewed interest and, as usual, find either that no one is to blame or, perhaps, that “a big boy done it and ran awayâ€. Here are some of the questions that will probably not now get an embarrassing airing in any court, but which the internal auditors might wish to ask: Why did the council ignore the clear advice it received, over 10 years ago, that Lerwick Port Authority’s legal “duty of conservation†made it impossible for the harbour ever to agree to a bridge that obstructed the north entrance for the passage of the largest vessels likely to use it (including the Royal Navy’s ships)? Whose bright idea was it to seek the interim interdict in the Court of Session, halting the planned dredging? Was it a councillor, or a member of staff? What legal advice did they seek, from whom, and when? What, exactly, did it say? Did the legal advice point out the dangers of seeking a “wrongful†interim interdict that the council could not justify at a subsequent full hearing in court? Who decided that, because there was no time to call a council meeting to endorse this expensive and perilous legal adventure, they would have to use the emergency powers that reside with the Convener and Chief Executive? Who actually exercised the emergency powers? Was the then Chief Executive involved in the use of the emergency powers? If not, was he consulted, and what did he say? When the Monitoring Officer later reported this use of the emergency powers to the council, were members told of the huge financial risks if the court order failed? Did anyone check whether the council’s insurance policy covered it for acts of negligence or folly by suppliers of advice and services, as well as by councillors and staff? Why are we relying on the opinion of the insurers on the question of potential council negligence? Do they not have a vested financial interest in finding none? We hear soothing words to the effect that seeking an interim interdict is always “a judgment call†and that sometimes people get it wrong, with the best of intentions. Only a proper inquiry can tell us whether this was indeed an entirely excusable mistake by innocents who all deserved medals, promotions and pensions, or a foolish gamble, recklessly pursued by ill-advised political incompetents and amounting to misconduct in a public office. Yours sincerely, Cllr. Jonathan Wills Independent Lerwick South ward
  15. I do not agree with them working for tescos in that capacity, surely the government can have some big projects they can work on for the state (as the state pays them) like road building or cleaning the streets?
  16. For a lot of posts in the Council they do not get paid as much as many other Local Authorities, it seems to be a myth that a lot of people think that they are paid more and have better conditions when in a lot of cases that is wrong. The people doing the reviews should compaire the SIC workers against the rest of Scotland as they are using an excuse for cuts to the SIC workforce/conditions on hersey at the moment, they need hard facts to back them up.
  17. People wee up in arms when they closed all the schools in da sooth end, but now most folk admit it was for the best in the long run.
  18. Good to see common sense coming out in the poll.
  19. Did you see all the new non jobs in that handout in the Shetland Times, what a waste of money.
  20. It was a shock that the hostel was not charged already, if people want to live in the islands they must be expected to pay, as we are all already having to pay huge amounts for them.
  21. As can be seen School and Social Care spending are the biggest drain and have spiralled out of control, thus need the biggest cuts, as cuts have to be made even if they are unpopular.
  22. I agree with what is proposed, these people are a drain on society and somthing has to be done, i would have gone even farther.
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