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  1. Yes, they should get it built and running as soon as possible. Good to see somthing positive for Shetland.
  2. http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2011/08/12/councillor-urges-staff-to-take-pay-cut-or-working-fewer-hours-to-help-minimise-job-losses What about the £200,000 plus we are spending a year on the cctv?
  3. Just an excuse for the scum to loot and cause general chaos. Get the plastic bullets, tear gas and water cannon on the go.
  4. Hearing what he was complaining about seems more worrying to me. £200,000 on a house for consultants! Why was a meeting about this in private? Who knows what else they are busy wasteing money on in secret.
  5. I spoke to a person who was there, they said they were all totally shocked as it was so inappropriate at the time. But its really not the end of the world.
  6. I know folk who have been bitten after the owner has said "dunna worry he wont bite you", also what about people who are scared of dogs, I know a few folk who have had bad experiances who are now petrified of dogs.
  7. I found it amuseing, people are too thin skinned nowadays.
  8. People would not pay for it unless that was what they wanted to read.
  9. Yes Shetland the way that it is I would have thought someone would have known, hes maybe a sooth person.
  10. The guy may be eccentric, but I say let him get on with it, hes not harming anyone.
  11. I am glad they are banned. Who wants to be bitten by a dog on a bus.
  12. It is people like you that do not want a free press. Hate that someone has done better than you and that people are willing to pay to listen to anyone except you.
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