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  1. Since it became Njordmarket it's been nothing but a disaster to sign into. Rarely even look at it now.
  2. A blue clod at da side o da head is whit yun lad needs.....
  3. The SIC are a joke. The housing debt was with Westminster , which they had promised to pay to the sic for the building of all those houses. 40 years on they finally get a paltry £10 million from Westminster PROVIDING the Scottish gov matches it !! The Scottish gov had nothing to do with it at all , it was westminsters debt !! So after 40 years they pay a quarter of what they owed , and after the Scottish gov's £10 million still leaves the sic about 20million out of pocket ! Now as anyone knows , the sic likes to rattle its little sabre at anybody owing them a few quid on rent or council tax , and will pursue someone til they die to get it , but they don't have the friggin balls to stand up and do the same with Westminster......it would be pathetic if it wasn't so funny. Just shows completely that the majority of them are just there for the free lunch and line their own pockets , instead of standing up and holding the uk gov to account , like they should be doing , if they were representing the electorate. All we ever heard was "negotiate , negotiate , negotiate" , Rubbish. You don't "negotiate" with liars and cheats....you DEMAND.
  4. He shoulda just gotten a blue clod at da side o da head and repacked on board his parrafin budgie and told to F Off.
  5. Yeah , been goin on for a couple o hours , maybe lost ? !
  6. If it has an orange beacon that constanly flshes whether on the main road , or on the gas plant it will be a total / petrofac pickup. They havent quite grasped how to work the beacons switch yet.......and judging some of them ive met....they never will. Non beaconed pickups could be crofters....ones that look like theyve pranged into a halfords shop and come out wi every extra glued on are usually the posing wannabe's.
  7. The managers arent going to find cost savings that are going to put their jobs at risk , surely nobody is daft enough to believe that !? The are holding on by a thread and they know it , so any "savings" they can conjure up to make them look good will be found , thereby securing their vastly overpaid jobs. None of them are going to do themselves out of a job......
  8. Then how do you explain how Orkney can manage to do with far far less than we do ? I rest my case.
  9. The "Head" of care is one of the main jobs that should be cut , considering the balls that has been made of all this. Vastly overpaid and certainly not up to the job.
  10. I think in these times we live in that the internet seems to be the way forward , unlike south , by the time you finish work the shops are shut , and for the likes of games and music for example , there just isnt the choice here anymore. And if you can buy something , say from Amazon for example for £29.99 with a couple of clicks of the mouse 24 hrs a day when if you can get it here it would maybe cost twice as much and you maybe cant get to the shop during working hours.....its a no brainer really. I do try to buy big stuff locally whenever possible though , and 1 shop springs to mind that have always given first class service and after sales AND are very close in price with the mainland stores is George Robertson Ltd.
  11. Quite so , and I could have got back thousands over the last few years also. If they offered me a good cash deal wi no vat , I would jump at it. Government already robs us blind anyway so to hell wi them.
  12. Been at a job they were doin laying tar , they work like hell , didnt take a break and the job was weel done with a good finish. Have heard that the boys dont get paid much though.
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