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  1. Saw a few camper vans, foreign plated cars with luggage racks about Shetland yesterday. The Highlands and Islands seem to getting people moving out of the cities to get away from the Virus.(Orkney still has no cases this morning). Surly must be as daft as taking the Cruise liner into the town. Virus ICU for Shetland going to be done in Aberdeen.(In Italy no ICU if you are over 60) This is the way it spread through Italy and Spain. It spread like wildfire. Lockdown must be coming. Shetland has very limited medical facilities, it can not cope with extra numbers.
  2. Maybe need bog roll shortly. It will be okay if young. This one has mutated twice. The Spanish Flu had 3 waves the last the worst. I see the ship is not going to Kirkwall. This is not Flu. No many ICU in Shetland.
  3. CMV Magellan with 1100 passenger and 900 crew are coming into Lerwick tomorrow morning.Passengers will be bused about Shetland in buses that Shetland folk will be using after. They have cancelled DUHA and SMUHA for the safety of the people in Shetland. It has been proved that this virus can be passed on days before any signs show. LPA will simply say they followed guidelines. In one stroke LPA are undoing the common sense of the last 2 days. This ship should be turned away like the one in Malta.
  4. This is also financial. The UK government needs to keep money moving. The USA stopping flights to Europe this morning has taken it by surprise. They are hoping to delay the main focal point to the summer when the normal flu has disapeared. Expect schools to close after Cobra meeeting today. This not a case of saying we are doomed. This is statistics. Statistic do not lie governments do.
  5. That's another 2 confirmed cases in Shetland. Schools might be closed shortly. Its funny folk say its just the Flu. This virus is killing 5 % of infected people in Italy. The WHO said today that it is 10 times worse then Flu. Germany's Merkel says she is expecting 70 % of the population to be infected. I can not understand why the UK government have not done more with shutdowns of Schools etc. You can see what's happening all over the World. No passenger checks on flights back from Italy today. Think SMUHA and DUHA will be the least of our worries in a couple weeks. I do wonder if the Government knows little can be done. Watching Liverpool play to a full house when the other games in Europe are playing behind closed doors. Suppose it will save the UK Government paying Pensions.
  6. Surprised you think flying is worse as Cruse Liners. Coranavirus has a period of up to 21 days before it shows. It has been proved in Japan that the disease was rife on the Cruse Liner. Norway has had its first case today. When you stop and think where the crew comes from(all over world) add in the passengers. Better get ready to lose 1% minimum of the Shetland population.
  7. I was watching a cruise liner coming into Lerwick today. I wonder if the Lerwick Port has given much thought to the Coronavirus spreading into the Shetland population from the planned 105 liners and 90000 passenger in 2020. It seems like a disaster waiting to happen?
  8. The cost of building houses will always rise. The cost of materials and new planning laws for new houses, have put up the cost of second hand houses. People have to understand, houses cost more to build on Shetland compared to the Mainland UK.
  9. It was only the Kings land in Shetland that was pawned. Most of Shetland was owned by the Udallers at this time. This gave them more rights as the people in Scotland . Shetland was to keep its laws and customs until they were returned to Norway/Denmark.
  10. The UK will be having an election on the issue so Scotland might be out whether they like it or not. Scotland might not have to apply anyway if it is a Yes vote if aligned to the pound or Euro. The pain at the beginning will worth it further down the road. A Scottish vote for Scottish People. No more Bedroom tax, No More UKIP, No more illegal wars, No more Trident, Support the NHS, No more listening to London about Scotland being spongers, when it is the other way round.
  11. Shetland need people to do this type of job but not these types, They work cash jobs at inflated prices. The inland revenue and the council should be looking into these chancers. It would be good if more local companies would do the paving and tarmac jobs without waiting months for them to quote and do the work. I would make sure you lock your doors as the last time they were up a lot of cars and sheds were broke into.
  12. Blast Zone included The North Star, I did not buy a house in the zone for that reason. Anybody that knows about HSE will know that certain gases are heaver then air. The water becomes a floor level for the gas the same as the ground. Certain things can be done but there is certain things you have to think about. Most disasters happen after the event. The fuel depot should be out of the town. The disaster in Halifax Nova Scotia should be a warning to every body.
  13. They say the Barge can not be moored at Sella Ness because of the blast zone. If I remember right the is a blast zone in Lerwick which goes up to the top off Harbour street from the fuel depot. I would say that zone is more dangerous as Sullom, how many blast zones have open welding etc going on right next to them? Double standards to make money?
  14. No England flags on cars driving about Shetland next summer!!!!!!!!!!! Scotland should have played for the draw in Georgia and were robbed in extra time against Italy. We blew a great chance to go through. I thought when England got the soft penalty last night they were going to to get in the back door. The Ref looked to be on Englands side,it seems that the big teams always get the 50-50 decisions. We can enjoy the European Championships now, not have to listen to crap about England being the best team in the World! Bet they talk about 1966 though. I might go to church on Sunday because there might just be a God after all ???????????????????????
  15. I was against this proposal at the start. But after hearing the true facts about it from various people , I have decided to back it . It means that the league goes to 10 which is better then the 11 last year. It means that Burra and Unst can both get teams, this will mean that football will survive in both areas. Unst will keep their home games at Baltasound. There will be problems with travel but Unst is used to that! It will mean a lot of comitment from both Unst and Burra but I am sure they would not get involved if they were not comited.
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