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  1. Shetland Broadband supply fixed wireless broadband in Gulberwick. Call them for a price.
  2. Yes, it still does 24hr....well it did a few weeks back.
  3. Mine is fine again. Must have been lightening or power surge. Router was knackered and homeplugs all went pop.
  4. Anybody having problems tonight on the bixter exchange?
  5. Good site MJ! Ive read back through the fault reports. It does not seem to make a lot of sense. Seems to be a BT fault in Orkney.
  6. That'll be BT's cable between the mainland and orkney then. I'm not sure why that would be causing problems in Shetland though.
  7. Doesn't seem to be the SHEFA cable. I can ping London in 24 ms on it.Its not Shefa. Northbound and southbound is working fine.
  8. Shefa 2 is fine so the problem is elsewhere. Marvin.
  9. yes, shockingly bad here too (bixter exchange)
  10. I have no idea how BT have their network configured so I can't help with any further info at the moment. If I find out anything else tomorrow I'll let you know. It is of course possible that there are other problems not related to the cable.
  11. Which renders TT out of town virtually unsable during peak congestion, when traffic is being re-routed off SHEFA. As BT can't maintain their own out of town customer's service quality on the re-routing service, let alone "lesser priority" customer's customers service quality. We have no information on what services/exchanges BT re-routes where when SHEFA2 breaks but my ADSL at home (Bixter exchange on BT) is working well. Right now I'm getting (using speedtest.net) 6Mbps+ (ping 51ms) and my 'usual' (the last time I checked anyway) was about 4.5Mbps (ping 60 to 70ms). Now, this is unlikely
  12. Well, that's great for them, but I was talking in terms of web access quality Shetland-wide. As JustMe has put it so much more eloquently than I could, Shetland Telecom is only a small niche in the overall market, and by definition only a minority of their customers are likely to be using their internet service during the worst affected 10 hour daily period. The unfortunate thing with Shetland Telecom (as I understand it) is that your averge joe is not really in a position to realistically aspire (especially financially) to being able to access the service anytime soon. Frankly, while Shet
  13. I would imagine a wholesale and service provider as big as BT would have sourced sufficient if not equal bandwidths on all routes. They also still have the microwave route so they actually have three routes. If ISPs choose not to buy it from them then there is little anybody (other than the ISPs) can do about it I'm afraid.
  14. Our definition of 'resilient' is the same capacity on all routes. Customers connected to Shetland Telecom network will be experiencing a 5 to 10 millisecond increase in ping. No reduction in bandwidth whatsoever.
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