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  1. Yes, John Lewis do deliver up here and worth buying as the prices are so much better than up here! However, be aware that not all manufacturers have service agents up here. We have a Hotpoint fridge freezer bought from John Lewis but they could not service it if it went wrong, in or out of guarantee and since there is not a Hotpoint agent in Shetland, that means you are taking a slight gamble with some manufacturers.
  2. Anyone know if there is anyone in shetland who buys or collects scrap metal?
  3. Has anyone any experience of taking a puppy on a Loganair flight? I am trying to arrange collecting a 12 week old puppy from Inverness in September and they tell me the hold is the only option which concerns wme with a dog so young. Anyones experiences would help please!!
  4. Finally someone talking sense on a thread which in itself is a total farce and an insult to most adults intelligence.
  5. Does anyone know of a Bodyshop products rep in Shetland, or any other beauty products rep/distributor for that matter?
  6. The Glass centre do it, but actual glass is less than half the price of perspex so far better value (unless you specifically need perspex of course)
  7. Does anyone know of anyone who can remove a ground bees nest? I tried SIC but apparently they do everything else but don't do bees. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!
  8. there is a lot online, just google 'shetlander spitfire'
  9. No, I would not, but then I would not stand for election either if I could not put in the time and effort needed, especially if I was from a party that needs to be 'out there' offering themselves as a really credible alternative. Don't get me wrong, I am sure Robert is a nice enough guy, I have never met him but I have no reason to think otherwise and my views are not directed at him personally, but in the guise of UKIP candidate. My view is based purely on the fact that he is standing as a candidate, but seemingly is not prepared to give 100% to getting himself elected and so in my view may not be prepared to give 100% for the good of the electors. Just my opinion, and we are all entitled to them.
  10. Except our UKIP candidate cannot be arsed to even attend debates in Shetland - what message does that send? He's a working fisherman and I've read his explanations as to why he couldn't attend. Would you be financially able to stop work at one of your busiest times of the year to attend a debate in Orkney? If he wants to go fishing thats fine. If he wants to be taken seriously as a candidate, then he should try making an effort. If he cannot make an effort now, will he be out fishing when he is needed in parliament?
  11. Except our UKIP candidate cannot be arsed to even attend debates in Shetland - what message does that send?
  12. Does anyone know of anybody who can look at and repair a Hotpoint fridge freezer? I have tried George Robertsons and Robertson & Peterson to no avail.
  13. Does anyone have any idea where I could buy a flagpole?
  14. Common sense would have said that workers were unlikely to be at work with 90mph winds this morning and 70mph+ for the rest of the day. I am surprised that anyone got to work, especialy with no ferries running.
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