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  1. I remember being in the Scalloway museum when I was a youngster and an old women told me it was "her father, he was from Foula and he wasn't scared of heights". She was called Kitty, dont know the surname. She used to go around Scalloway with a walking stick she tapped on the ground. I wish I could remember her surname, she was always really good with us youngsters and always stopped to speak and often had a peerie sweetie for us. Hope my memory is right on this one, it was a while back.
  2. The truth is there is not a huge differance between some of the players picked and the ones not picked. The manager will go with players he knows and trusts, those that have shown dedication at training and players who fit into his tactics. At the end of the day its his reputation on the line. I dont think Shetland football is a particularly good standard at the moment, however the quantity of good young players shows the future is bright. It makes sense to me to see a mixture of youth and experience. There are a lot of good players unlucky not to be selected, hopefully they react the right way and go the extra mile to make the next squad.
  3. I can confirm a few of th cup winners: County Shield 1994, 1999 Whalsay 1995 Whitedale Fraser Cup 1995 Whalsay Manson Cup 1998 Whalsay Madrid Cup 1998 Whalsay 1995 Celtic
  4. Probably because the way he moves is causing him pain ! Not sure what age you are but when you get a little older you will may find out for yourself why some people need a little help to overcome bad movement habits. In my case several years of spending long hours hunched over a computer while I studied for a degree while also holding down a job left me in a state where I could hardly move. There was so much muscle tension in my body I was exhausted at all times and in a lot of pain. Only a few months earlier I was an extremely fit energetic sports fanatic in my late 20s. The only way to stop the pain is to unlearn those bad habits and that is what the Alexander Technique helps you to do. Not sure if anyone does Alexander Technique in Shetland at the moment but they have done in the past. Its always worth keeping an eye out for adverts in the Times or check the Complimentary Health Clinic in Lerwick.
  5. To be honest this whole wrist band thing is a bit of a pest. I dont think I am going to get a chance to exchange my tickets for a wristband until just before the concert tomorrow, will that mean that I wont be let in ?
  6. Count me in ! SLF would get a decent crowd up here.
  7. Why do people use the cost of a trial to justify his execution ! Bin Laden was used to justify two illegal wars despite the fact it was pretty obvious he was probably in Pakistan, how much has that cost in money and lives. Bin Laden had been a CIA asset funded through the ISI......suprise suprise they find him hiding in what looks like a ISI safehouse in a military town in Pakistan. I for one would have been very interested in what a trial of Bin Laden would have uncovered in a court of law. At the very least it would have confirmed if he really was the mastermind of 9/11. Also, if he really is this "doctor evil" charachter wouldnt they have wanted to extract as much information from him before he met his end.
  8. Looking forward to visiting the Museum soon, very impressed with the pictures I have seen of the building. Well done to all involved !
  9. I got my tickets but the website crashed when I was paying. No doubt I will now have to stump up and pay the ticket touts if I want to get in. Canna believe they handed out 10 at a time.
  10. So the masterplan is now taking shape. I wonder how many of the constituants of the ward where Councilors voted to close Scalloway are now worried about their own schools. This is whats considered a consultation apparently. J A Stewart, I am someone who fully understands the need to address the spending on education but I am afraid this is just cop out. If the Council are serious about making cuts explain the money the will throw at other projects ower the scord. So far the sums spent and future spends quoted are nothing short of shocking. Scalloway is an easy target for Councillors who will now say they tried, even though their actions will achieve nothing. Scalloway and its surrounding communities are expected to accept this while money gets thrown at luxuries elsewhere. From the outside its easy to see only bricks and motar, from inside the community the school is a beating heart. Over the years many of its staff have contriuted so much to shaping our lives and not ony in the classroom. I could provide a long list of staff who made huge contribution to the community outwith school hours. Even the most toonie of toonies could surely understand why the people effected are livid. We have spent the last ten years reading about the condition of the AHS, now one of the newest and statistacally best schools is to be closed. Why couldnt they do it when the new 50 million Angussie High School is actually built. From this side of the hills the whole thing reeks.
  11. Unfortunatley I felt this was always going to be the outcome, many Councillors will be hoping this means the schools in their own area will be untouched and couldnt care less about the community in Scalloway. There is no educational reason for this decision and the cost savings can quickly be ripped apart. If the Council were so keen on saving money why havnt they considered refurbishing the existing Anderson High School and why did not have a problem with the huge sums of money being thrown at building a new school. If they had sorted out the situation at the Anderson perhaps the closure of Scalloway would have been more palatable.
  12. Watch out kids the "Spelling, Grammer and Maths Police" are out in force on this thread. Do some of you really think patronising young people contributes anything to this subject, this is a message board not an exam.....pathetic ! Regardless of your views on whether the school should stay open I think it's brilliant to see young people stand up for their school and their community. That takes guts and I am sure it will take more than a few smart alex's pointing out spelling mistakes to shut them up !
  13. Yes stirrer it would be refreshing to see decisions based on whats good for Shetland as opposed to whats good for Lerwick. I am willing to bet the sums saved by closing Scalloway will be much less than predicted, and the sums spent on new schools in Lerwick will astronomical if they ever manage to build them. I am 100% for savings, but this has more to do with justifying what they want to build in Lerwick.
  14. I agree with Stirrer ! Money must be saved so why not close Scalloway secondary, then you could turn it into a super primary. Now suddenly we don't need to spend millions on a new primary school in Lerwick (conveniently not incuded in the Blue print) and we can bus bairns from Lerwick....it's only a few miles after all. Does anyone really believe this would happen.....I don't.
  15. I think this programme was a spoof. It was supposed to show people living in poverty.....what gave it away was the huge TV sets and the latest mobile phones, surely people who don't work couldn't afford such luxuries.
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