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  1. No not at this time.Expecting some backlash from Joe. He is angry about the last weekend in town.
  2. How can I delete my account on shetlink?
  3. No they will not. However I expect to return on the 9th of Dec.
  4. Hopefully early next week. At least in time for the yearly meeting. Do you have a date on that?
  5. I am staying with my brother Will until Tuesday eve. Please do get in touch.
  6. Just got back for in time for the Easter holidays! Leaving on Wednesday.
  7. Was good to see you the other day. I stayed a bit longer than planned and will head south this evening. Give Darren and the others my regards.
  8. Spread the word! Back again until the 15th!!
  9. Would have been nice but something came up and have to south today. Expect next visit in February.
  10. Just arrived in time for Christmas and staying until New Years day. Cheers
  11. Big Mouth indeed. Just saw your post as I have been away in lands far to the south of Shetland. Am thinking of delegating some of the authority if you know what i mean. Anyone else agree?
  12. Mostly just at me regular haunts. What about you?
  13. Actually I was thinking about it. Hello!
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