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  1. Ah! I remember the wobblers site. Is it not online anymore? What was the address?
  2. I was sure I'd read the name 'Shetlopedia' before, so I searched the forums. Here's what I found, posted in Feb 06 in the Shetlink long term plans thread Is the shetlopedia.com site a collaboration with Shetlink?
  3. I think you're wrong on this one (as you regularly point out, everyone has an opinion, and this is mine). I've lived in many palces throughout the UK, and on balance, Shetland is an exceptionally "warm and nice place". My job often involves talking with "incomers" who have settled here. The most common reason for their move to Shetland is how warm, friendly and welcoming the Shetland people are. As you state, their are good and bad people here, just like anywhere else. I think most people are well aware that this is common to any community. To constantly bring it up is quite pointless. No one is arguing against that. Maybe there are reasons why people turn against others. Maybe "Shetlanders" don't like some people for valid reasons. To anyone who doesn't like living in Shetland - click here
  4. I've been noticing the very shoddy state of the grass around Shetland of late, especially in the North Isles. From what I gather, the grass cutting contract specifications state that each area of grass has to be cut a specific number of times per year. The new contractors have obviously been cutting the grass less frequently than what they should. I'd like to know if the council still pay the new contractors the full amount, even though they're not actually doing the work they tendered for, or do the council fine them/deduct money from the payment.
  5. I'm perfectly capable of reading posts. These debating tactics are very tedious and round and round we go.... As for Segatrix's reappearence, I urge forum users to draw their own conclusions
  6. On the subject of relevance..... I really don't see any relevance in the fact that somebody had a campaign poster in their car window and drove erratically. I saw a man driving erractically yesterday who didn't have a campaign poster in his car window. So what? Are people's driving skills somehow reflective of the merits of Sakchai's case? I have watched this thread degenerate into nonsense several times, but I think that is the cheapest shot yet. This 'debate' has reached an all time low. No doubt the reply will consist of a 'if you actually read what I said then you'll see that the point I was making was that I'm in support of the campaign, BUT....' So why mention it? It's absolutely irrelevant. I've been trying very hard to take the 'don't feed the trolls' advice, but I think this point needed to be addressed. (I await the usual 'freedom of speech' and 'but this is a debate' response)
  7. The campaigners are doing an excellent job and I think it's a little unfair to suggest that they're employing some sort of underhand tactics without any proof. I saw the boys with the collection buckets in da pub last night. They were certainly visible (wearing campaign tshirts) and they were very polite. I donated a few quid purely volenterilly and felt under no pressure at all. They didn't need to hassle folk as people were going out of their way to get to them and donate. There was people I was out with who didn't wish to donate, and no one suggested that this was anything other than their personal choice. Keep up the good work folks.
  8. jim-jam

    Women's Football

    Just read this on the Shetland News site 13 May, 2006 Any of you folk going to be following the lasses fitbaa this season? They seem to be going from strength to strength after forming for the Island Games, and gave Strathclyde a trouncing a peerie while ago
  9. Pardon? What have I done to offend you? But while you're having a go at me, surely the basis af any discussion is based on a semantic level. That is, after all, what language and the expression of ideas is based on. Should people just use any words thay want and expect everyone else to understand what they mean?
  10. Could you post a link to the article so we can read it in context?
  11. Can you imagine the BNP doing this? http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/41586000/jpg/_41586086_stgeorgesnp203.jpg From the BBC website - Click here for the original article
  12. The SNP may be the natural choice of party for all the "Bravehearts" who have a dislike for english people, but the SNP are one of the most active parties in supporting a multi ethnic Scotland, independant or not
  13. Below is a link to a reply to Stuart Hill's letter An open letter to the councillors of the SIC recently published on the Shetland News website Reply from Stuart J. Dobson (15 April 2006) Mr Dobson is critical of Stuart Hill's view point, which he considers to be unrealistic No-one forces people to "sit silently whilst all this long lost historical bull has been given space" or "sit and read long boring letters". If individuals aren't interested in this particular historical and political debate and have nothing constructive to add to it, it may be better to opt out, rather than criticise the people who are. I find this point to be ridiculous; "the detailed study of history - it just ain't worth it, mate" Whilst I agree in principle that it may be impractical for Shetland to adopt a Udal law system, I find the associated historical debate to be facinating. Keep it up!
  14. I think the reason Davie (and Marvin) is winning people over is because he is honest about his interests in the project I wonder how many other people contributing to this thread have similair interests in the debate. Any body willing to declare if they have connections with the CMV? There seems to be a few people with 'inside knowledge' contributing to this thread I'm not for a second claiming that everyone should declare their interests in public, but maybe it would bolster their point of view if people understood their positions better P.S. Personnaly, I am in no way connected to the CMV proposal
  15. During this thread, several business plans and consultation documents have been mentioned. Are these documents available to the public. If so, where? (electronic documentation preferred) If not, why?
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