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  1. Lord, what I would give for a 7 or 8MB broadband speed! Despite numerous promises, I get a max of 2.5 to 3MB (on a very good day). Roll on 4th January. I might even reach 4MB!
  2. Blimey!! Hope you're alright and get well soon. My bairn just received their immunisation for this. It's a horrible thought of children getting it, if an adult finds it so bad. And to think, the purple prat and his followers want us to stop immunising our kids against things like this. Best wishes, anyway.
  3. ^^I'm just guessing that that^^^ is blimmin' SPAM, right?? And that NO ONE should use his three links, that scream "I am dodgier than a Dodgy fan at a Dodgy fans convention, dodging dodgems!!"
  4. ^^ As for the question from the OP, knuckle dusters are deemed an offensive weapon, in terms of the Act, in that they serve no other purpose - in the eyes of the Law - other than that for which they were made, ie to cause physical injury. You can't sell them on the street, in a shop, a market stall or a pub, any more than you can a push dagger or flick knife. Not lawfully, anyway, and penalties are relatively severe for possession and/or sale in breach of the legislation. It's a "Do not pass go..." situation. Best avoided.
  5. Rather eclectic an ensemble of music there.
  6. One relevant post in a thread - to date - does not make you any less a troll.
  7. I thought not. Run along again, the adults are still talking.
  8. So, let me get this one straight, you say, "I have spent my entire life reseaching music/history/music technology/musicology and obscure forms of music from all over the globe." I would contest that a man would need at least one more lifetime than he is allotted, to do as you have claimed. That's supposing you're not, in fact, the worlds oldest living man by around 50 odd years. Gosh, what it must be like to be you, a self-professed expert on everything. Not even moderately annoyed, by the way, just further amused by your latest pettish, elitist outburst. You obviously haven't stu
  9. But I don't. And you don't make me mad. Just bemused. As for social engineering, there are many different forms, and it is a very broad term to use. Wouldn't you agree? But if you wish to discuss that, you should consider a thread on it, as the nice people here are discussing their favourite TV comedies, and I can't think of many where that comes into it - with the notable exception of those from the very talented Kayvan Novak, of course.
  10. John D'Oh, I think the OP (the late great shouty man) was alluding to the idea that you choose "which atrocities to fight for". He was, I believe, attempting to illustrate this with his incredibly generalised comment, to the effect that large numbers of soldiers and Police - in effect (in his mind, at least) servants of The State - are "waking up" to the fact that they are fighting for different atrocities. He just didn't indicate who they all are, or provide any evidence, whatsoever, for his statement. Or even what these "atrocities" are.
  11. Anything with a tune. Look up "eclectic", in the dictionary, and there should be a little picture of me, waving. There, yes, that's me there!
  12. Sigh. More self-important Saturday night/Sunday morning chest-beating from our resident keyboard hero. Having a memory that extends past longer - for some here, certainly - than you have probably been alive does not make what they have to say either irrelevant, nor any less important or meaningful than your own view. Which we haven't heard, as yet, choosing instead to, yet again, hijack a thread to bash folk from Shetland for their perceived failings (in your eyes), in order to make yourself feel a little better about the person you see in the mirror, every morning. Probably the person th
  13. Does the "Fawlty Towers" episode, with the old lady and the hearing aid, spring to the mind of anyone else, or is it just me?
  14. Well, when next you see him (in a mirror, perhaps?), wave to him for me. You haven't disproved anything about my post (not even about Weber ). In fact, you have reinforced every point I made. PS When you do look in the mirror, do you ever say, "Iknow him, too?" Just thought I would ask.
  15. I.S

    MI5 Shetlink

    But never back a pony up a hill.
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