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  1. Shetlandpeat I agree with you and share some of your thoughts, I don’t think it’s getting folk to stand - those who are committed, those who want to stand will. You say "Single issues will not benefit the islands or anywhere"...what single issues are you meaning? I’m sure anyone thinking of standing for council has all their issues laid out and ready to fight for them. I totally agree with you as you said "folk should stand up", however to "try filling the parish seats first" is not an idea I would suggest nor recommend. Indeed as you say and I agree with you that, "It is quite intimidating, you don't just win an election, and be a councilor, you need training, depending on what committee you are on, there are many legal things to get your head around", I am sure anyone who stood in the past or who will stand in the future will indeed continue to get training or may have had training in some other electric!! In fact all newly elected councilors are offered a package of training from all ranges of subjects, in fact they have them listed on the SIC website with a list of all the councilors who took the training. Free world I guess and Independents are needed as much as the rest!! I don’t want to stray from the point on this link as I feel it had to be said, and if the truth be told this is just the tip of the iceberg.
  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Man of Kent; I think the Shetland people will have to think Very Very carefully next year when they choose their councilor. It's time Shetland had a shake up and things started happening for the Island and not for others greed. New younger vibrant passionate people are needed to lead the way on council!! When I lived in Shetland the few times I contacted my councilor - well left a message on their telephone they didn’t even do me the courtesy of an acknowledgment, let alone help find a solution for my query, much too busy making big decisions....mmmm I don’t think I need to point them out!!!
  3. It’s a complete Disgrace and needs to be looked into!
  4. I couldn’t believe it when I read in the Shetland Times this week that "the man at the helm of an initiative aimed at bringing brighter prospects to Lerwick’s town centre has stood down suddenly from his role. Laurence Smith has resigned as project manager of the local BID project, which hopes to enliven the street and bring much-needed vibrancy and confidence to the area. His resignation was announced at one of the project’s regular meetings on Wednesday evening". "Mr. Smith refused to comment on his decision when contacted by this paper today". No bloody wonder he refused to comment, now if my memory serves me correctly when this post was advertised for, the job was to work 16-21 hours per week for 40 weeks on a rate of £16.50 and then submit the business plan to the council for further consideration. So a total calculation comes to £13,860 for the 40 weeks now worked and what do you get for that!!! "Assistant manager Christina Irvine is expected to perform Mr. Smith’s role within the project. She has been involved in the project from the start and said she was not concerned by having to bring it to completion on her own". If my memory serves me correctly there was no Assistant Manager with this post it was a project assistant who would complete all the admin and do some research for the Project Manager. The paper stated that “He [Mr Smith] just felt he had that many commitments that he wasn’t feeling he could put his all into the project anymore. He has got an awful lot of work with his three businesses,†she said. So if he has so many businesses and other commitments why oh why did he apply and appoint himself in the first place!! Yes he at the time of receiving this post was the Chairman of the Lerwick Town Association, where it clearly stated that "part of this funding will be used to fund the appointment of an individual from the private sector to lead the delivery of the project on behalf of Lerwick Town Centre Association in the short term and, the developing Lerwick BID Steering Group in the longer term". The following week from the appointment there was an article in the Shetland Times from Mr Smith who had his title in print, Chairman of the Lerwick Town Association. Who else on the association voted for his appointment I wonder , who indeed interviewed for the post? Conflict of interest I wonder, jiggeryPoo I wonder, jobs for the Boys I wonder, I will keep wondering because the whole affair stinks and what good has it done Lerwick, the retail sector that in this current climate is closing like nothing else on the street......a total SHAM. NO WONDER NOTHING HAPPENS ON THIS ISLAND IF YOU HAVE THIS THING HAPPENING AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN, THE SAME PEOPLE THE SAME STORY. (*** Mod - Topic title adjusted ***)
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