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  1. Your points of views are disappointing, because as much as I understand that you may think it's fair to treat people all the same, I am of the opinion that some people should be treated as individuals. I don't know how to think about positive discrimination? Surely any discrimination is negative? I paid the same money as anyone else, and there were other children who were just as noisy. I feel we have the same rights to be there as anybody. I would like my son to have the chances and dignity to live a full life, and be treated as a unique person.
  2. [***Mod edit - moved topic to more relevant category***] I would like to make the public aware of the actions of the Garrison theatre staff, while my family watched a screening at the Garrison on Sat 20th August. While watching the movie my son made some noise, nothing unusual for a child of 3 years old while at the cinema. We were then asked to leave by [***mod edit - name removed***] as my son was making too much noise in her opinion. As my son suffers from learning disabilities. I want him to feel involved and empowered to be welcome to any event. I made the ticket office aware of that fact when purchasing the tickets I feel disgusted ,let down and very, very disappointed by the lack off understanding by the staff and feel deprived of giving my son the chance to lead as normal a life, and as dignified as we can give him. We feel we must air our views as the public need to know that this still goes on in this day and age and we are supposed to be a nation who understands disability! Peter Mckay & Sarah Tungatt.
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