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  1. That was clever. Then move the kids someplace else with a 30 limit only months later. Stable door......horse......bolted Flashing 20mph signs up on lochside.
  2. Your approaching a zebra crossing, of course you should anticipate people crossing!! No matter day or night, good light or bad!
  3. It’s only unsafe if you’re not paying attention, they even put nice big bumps to warn you that it’s there.
  4. Well the police are certainly blaming the 74 year old driver! And how is a zebra crossing not safe? If you are driving at the appropriate speed and aware of your surroundings the driver would have seen the pedestrian!
  5. I am worried that this " deal with things like roundabouts " came up, as i have witnessed many many drivers half the ages of your re-test spectrum dealing with roundabouts, it seems that the mind set required is - the faster i approach this obstacle in the road the more right of way i have - I would hope our elder and no so aged drivers dont keep up with modern traffic in this way And what about the elderly folk who don’t have a clue how such a thing works? Drives up to it slams on the brakes and sits there for 20 minutes frozen in fear.
  6. ^ As for age, well we will all grow old if we are spared long enough and old age is in itself is no indicator of ones health or ability to drive. Totally agree with that, but you should be tested at regular intervals when you reach such an age if you are able to pass you will pass. A driving licence is a privilege not a right even if you have been driving for 60+years.
  7. ^ You should be re-tested at 60,65,70 and every year after.Fact is the majority of drivers over 70 simply cannot keep up with modern day traffic and deal with things like roundabouts,zebra crossings etc.
  8. ^ It’s hardly a “new” road layout now! Think it’s got more to do with the age of the driver, this is exactly why re-testing need’s to be done on the elderly! If there not pulling out in front of you they are pootling along at 35/40 in a 60.
  9. If that happened the airport might realise that they shot themselves in the foot, but the same government person who controls the airport has proven that they will do everything they can to delay the reduction of travel cuts to the ferries. Plus those introducing the parking charges, know fine well that the ferries can’t cope at peak seasons and that we have no other choice but to use Sumburgh. Both the ferry and airport are lifeline services and they have got us over a barrel. I wonder how they have managed to complete all the renovations to the airport so far without this charge. Utter nonsense the airport is a lifeline service, the only way it could be described as that would be for NHS patients who are getting free parking anyway. You choose to live here and going on holiday is a luxury, the same can be said for the people who don’t live on the bus route
  10. “Parking charges wherever they occur will be another financial burden on many who can ill afford it.” If you can afford two weeks in Tenerife or a weekend on the p*ss in Aberdeen then you can afford 3 pound a day. It’s really just typical Shetland wanting something for nothing.
  11. Otherwise the tears will never stop
  12. Not a bad idea. I know people up here who have never driven on real roads. There's a guy along the road from me that refuses to even drive down to Lerwick. People like that should have there driving license taking of them, there obviously not confident on the roads.
  13. Maybe if you cooked a few more sausage rolls you could afford a audi as well. Maybe then you might be a bit less jealous and bitter about people who do.
  14. Fly with flybe/eastern and you get priority security at Aberdeen so no standing in the huge queue just straight through,plus you get the use of easterns lounge at the gate. And on the flights you will be able to have a beer/glass of wine again!
  15. The new AHS should be fine,it's being built by a south company and not the local Cowboys.
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