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  1. hi , does anyone know if jims ford garage has a 24 hr petrol pump , i did search but post was 3 years ago, ty
  2. i got a very aggressive pm warning me too take down the post straight away from him its def a con and shetlanders need too watch out for each other
  3. we now have a pets/livestock category up and running, ty for the quick work buy the mods too get thiis up and running, will make life so easy for all users
  4. their is a possible scam on the classifieds right now " Shirazi kittens for sale" he has offered me a dog and cage in pm and also says he selling hay, if you search google for the kittens the first pictures that come up is the 2 in his photos, think twice before buying from him and mods please remove this post
  5. Isnt it about time the administrators added a pet/animal section into the categories, its a pain looking through 50 posts a day on Miscellaneous for something that should take minutes, PLEASE add a pets/animals section
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