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  1. Hi, looking to have our timber house painted. Does anyone have recommendations on someone that will do a good job at reasonable price? I see a number advertising on the Classifieds, Picasso painters, Decorlux, etc but do not know how good a job they do. Thanks
  2. Excellent informative posts! Hopefully people will find them useful and able to decide to try home birthing!
  3. All 5 candidates for the Nort isles were asked at the hustings in Mid Yell if they would support the VE project. The only one who said he would not support it as it stands was Alan Skinner who then went on to say on the Shetland Times website that he would support it if the Charitable Trust reduced their percentage in the project. It was pretty obvious though that anyone standing for the Nort isles would feel fairly confident in supporting the project without risking votes because it ain't being built in our back-yard. Even though Steven Coutts apparantly lives within 2km of the wind farm and
  4. I registered but the link I got sent to validate email doesn't work! Emailed the administrator no reply... Hop it's just early teething problems
  5. Anyone know about parade of sail tickets? There must be a few folk who can't go now its on a work day! Is it northlink selling tickets?
  6. Ok - is the whiteness hall I'd be using. I'll maybe try and contact the committee and see what they recommend.
  7. Anyone able to give an indication of the quantities required for a sunday tea at a hall? People to work the kitchen No of Homebakes? No of Sandwhiches? I guess for a couple of hours worth. Thanks in advance.
  8. I'm so pleased to hear this, I had no idea there was a breastfeeding counsellor! Seeing as the UK based one is being cut then August would be a great idea to promote what you've said. I knew there was a support group but had no idea it was in Aith too. I would absolutely love to trsin to be a support giver, and Nurture Shetland is a lovely name! I've been thinking about seeing if there was anyone who would be willing to set up a sling library with me. I don't know if there are many closet "baby wearers" out there. Something like www.slingmeet.co.uk Is that something that nurture shetla
  9. No real ideas yet, just mulling it over in my head. I would say in my experience I've seen very few breastfed babies in public. You definitely have to make your own choice but I wonder if more people would BF with more support available. How about a mass sit and feed outside the town hall... weather permitting! Not that my peerie one would oblige, at 9 months old he's too interested in whats happening to feed.
  10. 1-7th August is world breastfeeding week. www.worldbreastfeedingweek.org/ Anyone fancy doing anything to promote/celebrate it? The government have stopped funding for the national breastfeeding awareness week
  11. Give the Energy Saving Trust a ring, they have a Renewables advisor up here. There number is 0800 512 012
  12. Just thought I might bump this, think the day I posted it something big was up for discussion...
  13. Hi there I'm just wondering if there are parents out there who take what might be termed an alternative way of parenting. Be it an eco/green way, home schooling, natural medicines, vegetarian etc etc I'm interested in finding like minded parents to see whether there is scope for setting up a group/meet up. There are lots of ideas out there such as forest playgroups (difficult in Shetland), beach playgroups or groups of Mum's that meet for walks/talks etc. I'm sure this happens informally but it might be good to establish something more formal for those who might feel isolated by their c
  14. `For goodness sake, I can't believe the number of folk without lights or lights on but covered in snow! And as for the ones that think its ok to tailgate other drivers in these conditions... Please please just be a bit considerate!
  15. When my fiat needed something done, (fiat recalled it) I put it to aberdeen as freight and arnold clark picked it up and took it back to the boat. They paid for it because it had been recalled but it was still a frap because they had to keep it longer and i had to change bookings etc. So I reckon it would be too expensive to put it south, plus don't think the panda 4x4 gets too great reviews?? But me and my panda are great pals and she's quite good in the snow!
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