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  1. One meeting was a guy on long term sick who was dismissed but it had more to do with his ability to gain 100% discounts on company stock The other was a repeated short term (usually Mondays) sick which resulted in verbal warning if I remember rightly. It was sometime ago and I'm being vague to protect colleagues and because I can only really remember bits of what went on.
  2. Or try a local retailer who might be getting things anyway and be willing to sort out what you need and POSSIBLY get it cheaper. #shoplocal
  3. Assisi in the Umbria region is STUNNING! It has excellent transport links from Rome so it is fairly easy to get to and well worth visiting to sample the wines if nothing else
  4. An employer I used to work for back home did use it and I was asked to support some colleagues at their 'capability' hearings but I've never had it used against me personally.
  5. We have a variety at Tagon Stores. We're just finishing some Spanish New Potatoes at the moment but we have some Premier, Kerr Pink and Roosters to come as well as some others from time to time. We can arrange 20kg sacks if required or any size bag from 1kg to 20kg with a bit of notice. Varieties change around once a month.
  6. We moved up here in January 2012 - we love it here and really appreciate everything Shetland has to offer (and everything it doesn't ) Shout up if you want to know anything always happy to answer PMs about moving/visiting
  7. There will be something available somewhere, it all comes down to how flexible you are willing to be on where you live. Some landlords wont want to rent out to the workforces and similarly some will only rent to them. Check out the estate agents up here Tait and Peterson http://www.tait-peterson.co.uk/pages/property_available.htm Anderson Goodlad http://www.anderson-goodlad.com/property-to-let Neil Risk http://www.neilrisk.com/ Dowle Smith and Rutherford http://www.d-s-r.co.uk/property.htm They should all be able to point you in the direction of properties for let as well as for sale. Keep an eye on http://www.shetnews.co.uk/property/ and http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/category/properties for others Hope that helps
  8. Voe and Brae are roughly 20 - 30 mins from Lerwick, both have plenty going on as well as other areas not too far. As has already been said if you can handle the country living rather than having immediate access to the facilities of Lerwick then you'd probably find any of the more rural areas wonderful for 'community activities' Shop notice boards are often FULL of local activity posters and details of upcoming events, they are often a good place to start looking once you arrive as well as the local paper of course! I think someone replied on another thread that local halls (most of them) are always willing to welcome volunteers especially if you are willing to get involved with new activities/clubs.
  9. Which area of Shetland are you moving to? Some folk might be able to point you to somewhere that will be local to you rather than just give general ideas. Truth be told there is often a lot going on if you want there to be and it doesn't always have to be in Lerwick.
  10. Although I understand where you're coming from daveh from reading FairFuelUK's commissioned report it seems that the revenues the Gov't would make by dropping the tax rate would be INCREASED as more people would be able to fill their tanks or make more trips. I guess its one of those things - 'you don't know till you try' if the Gov't had some courage to TRY it for 12 months we'd find out once and for all. Whatever way we look at it the price HAS to start coming down. If we could get enough like minded folk together I'm sure something could be organised.
  11. Hi Folks, For those who don't know I run the Voe shop. Since the 5p Derogation was introduced all we have done in terms of fuel pricing is to round up the fuel cost price to the nearest whole pence and charge (essentially) cost price. With only one or two exceptions where we've added perhaps 1p, today however the prices have increased to such a level that we can no longer survive on the 5p derogation and we have had to impose an additional margin on a permanent basis. These constant increases have got to stop - something has to be done. Shetlanders need to act (sooth moothers like me included). I guess my question is do folk here care enough to actually DO something or do we just like blowing off steam?! For your interest here are the wholesale prices given to me today: Diesel (Quantity of 3000 litres) 126.3p/per litre + VAT = 151.56p/per litre Petrol (Quantity of 4800 litres) 121.4p/per litre = VAT = 145.68p/per litre It is not just the suppliers who are at fault, the government are taking a MASSIVE percentage of the price we all pay at the pump and they surely cannot justify this any longer. If the 5p derogation did not exist the prices (wholesale) could be said to be 156.56p/litre and 150.68/litre which is far in excess of the differential that Sam Chambers of Scottish Fuels indicated should exist between here and 'some' other retailers south. Why am I telling you all this - well I'm fed up with ever increasing, never decreasing costs from fuel suppliers!
  12. Hi Scarf, I've sent you a PM with details of what we can do at the Voe Shop.
  13. ... and yet from a suppliers point of view I see no huge difference in the wholesale price (I admit it has gone up by 1p or 2p in the last month) so as the previous post says Why has no-one demanded the answer to the differential? This is of course made all the more irritating by the fact that the OFT say there is no unfair trading of fuel in Shetland?!! Mr Chambers confirmed the profit margin for Scottish Fuels (who own Leasks Garage) was around 4.6p per litre and the transport cost was around 2.6p per litre making a total of 7.2p per litre. (The figures are approximate as they are from my recollection of the meeting) I have called some friends and found the prices around the country today for DIESEL only are: Aberdeen (Near the Airport) 137.9 South London: 135.9 Nottingham 140.9 M6 Services near Keele 142.9 Glasgow 139.9 Swansea 135.9 Lets take the most expensive price there 142.9 (and bear in mind that is a service station on the main Motorway through the country) Allowing for a 7.2p difference 150.1 should be the price here, but... we get a 5p rebate so the price should be 145.1pence per litre - so why is it MORE???!!! Anyone//??????
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