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  1. No, you didn't. You said you were disgusted by the level of workmanship then admitted you hadn't even seen how part of it had been carried out. One thing that IS disgusting is the abusive, racist terminology used by both yourself and sarahp1993. Abusive and racist, heard it all now. if it makes you feel better i will use the term gypsy from now on, its definition is below. 'An itinerant person or any person suspected of making a living from dishonest practices or theft'
  2. Aye, go for it Mr Brain. Why would you pick that out? I said i was disgusted with the way in which they carry out the tie ins. As they are a respected contractor i can only assume they are laying the block paving the way they have been 'taught' to lay them, at pikey school. Because they are so good that will obviously know that they should be laid as per below http://www.pavingexpert.com/images/blocks/cbp_x-section09.jpg Surely someone on here that has had there drive done will be able to confirm that it has been done this way? Mark my words there will be unhappy customers in a years time, and the pikeys will be long gone by then.
  3. These pikeys are just going blitz shetland, take the money away from our economy after not paying any taxes or VAT. FACT. Yet we have to pay all our taxes and VAT for them to be here. Disgrace. Should be thrown off the island. On a different note whilst walking up cockatoo brae on sat night to go watch the cup final at the gibby, these guys were 'working' around the house on the left as you go up. Now there were 3 or 4 guys there, 2 of which were intoxicated (whilst working) and another was a very well known dealer and all round not nice guy. Embarrassing.
  4. I thought i would have to leave a comment on this, as an engineer myself i am disgusted by the level of workmanship done by these guys. Block paving looks ok but i haven't seen how they have been laid but there tie-ins to the pavements is atrocious, they are using cold tar for this but due to this all these driveway owners will find that this cold tar joints will eat out very quickly if they are driving over it every day! Hot tar should be installed in any ties in, and the whole pavement should probably be replaced in most cases (from the ones i have seen) Folk shouldn't be paying more than £80 / m2 (all in) for the drives i have seen so measure your own drives before you accept a quote.
  5. mr_brain

    Looking for club

    if you were to give yourself champ man stats as per below, what would you give? http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/attachments/football-manager-2010/57912d1271876310-most-over-underrated-players-game-11.-wayne-rooney.png
  6. You have to replace them, which if the whole house was constructed using them... A big job. Agreed. Massive job, not find many builders to take it on.
  7. Basically the concrete used was not up to standard where over time the concrete turns weak and crumbles rather than getting stronger! So if you are looking at a house that have these blocks used in its construction, doesnt touch it!!
  8. You just lost any sympathy I had for your situation. Wasn't looking for sympathy.... i'll be taking up two spaces from now on anyway. Maybe even park sideyways and take up 3!
  9. I try and take up two spaces most days that we are there but might end up on THAT Facebook page....
  10. I would just like to thank the P**** that gave my Grey Audi S3 a massive dent in my passenger door in the Tesco's car park, especially since you drove off without a care in the world. I would also like to point out this will cost me a couple of hundred quid to fix up here. There are some right inconsiderate f****** in this world. If anyone heard it happening (due to the size it would have made a fair bang) you could let me know. http://serve.mysmiley.net/mad/mad0044.gif
  11. A synthetic pitch or two is required in the town.... more winter football!
  12. His name was David Walker but obviously there may be more that are not detailed on my Brothers Keeper.
  13. had a look on 'brothers keeper' (long shot) but there is only one that fits the time period but he and his wife had no children. Sorry!
  14. Whitedale are currently joint top of the A League with a majority of these players (6 I believe) playing in the parish cup team. Unst with all their 'origin' players back can put out a team that would rival the top teams in the A league, no question! Obviously a derision that has no real football knowledge trying to shoulder badge its way into this topic.
  15. mr_brain


    Thats quite an unusual reply 3 years after my original post!!
  16. Games being played on Fraser park? Don't think that will work, Glenn has a tough enough job keeping the pitch open for scalloway teams!!
  17. I totally agree with the first post, I was also at scalloway and had no problems but trying to see a doctor in lerwick - nearly impossible. does anyone know if the health centre is open today or tomorrow if so when can you try and make an 'appointment'? appointment line just has an automated 'Saturday & Sunday' recorded message and I don't have the last couple of Shetland times.
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