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  1. Another of the Orkney boats is the Strikeliner. 16ft 6 long. cracking little boat.
  2. Thanks Crofter, looks like a fine simple idea. will try it out.
  3. Just enquiring if anyone has found a cheep quick release clamp that can secure a wheelie bin to a strainer post and - this is the key part- survive a good going Shetland breeze? I've looked on-line and found a few clamps, but they're all pretty expensive.
  4. I had a look at ship ais on H Williamson's website. It looks as if its a Norwegian boat called Loyal.
  5. Piddly, your last comment really appealed to my sense of humour, still laughing !!!
  6. The Virtual Barber. You need ear phones for this one. best if you sit alone and close your eyes.
  7. Like KU I use both sites and must admit I've become a bit of a ship spotter since finding them. They were excellent during the tall ships. When you start looking at the pages, it shows just how many ships pass close by Shetland going to and coming from destinations all over the world.
  8. Try logging onto H williamsons website, they have a tab for Ship AIS, which gives the comings and goings of boats in and around Shetland. some of them have phots aswell
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