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  1. Unst total 32, number of players not playing at least one game 7 well, i know that these figures are slightly misleading, and a number of the players who did play more than one game this season didn't play all that many. In reality we had a squad of 13-16 players who could be relied upon every week, due to a variety of reasons. One of the things I would suggest to benefit the B league and make it more entertaining and competitive, would be to ask teams not to play any of the 'first 11 A players' against the single team clubs (who have no A team players). I feel that this would even the playing field slightly without troubling these clubs numbers too much (only 4 games a season), also surely it would increase the competitiveness and enjoyment for everyone in the league. I have played in successful and unsuccessful teams in the past, and for me hammering another team 8-0 is not really much fun, nor is losing 8-0. Just a thought.......
  2. Any word from this meeting last night? What grand proposals have been made?
  3. Great result for Unst, who in the end were delighted by the win but perhaps slightly disappointed by their overall performance as it was felt that tehy never got the ball down and played the football which they can produce and produced in the semi. Both teams did however fight extremely hard and the game had everything, goals, sending off, penalties, bookings, hard tackles etc. A real advertisement for the Parish cup and really shows why the competition is so highly thought of. And the fans were brilliant- what an attendance. A few people have said more people were their than at the county games over the last 2 years.... All in all, great day and night for Unst
  4. the other side sees the 'big boys' of the past few years delting, whalsay and southend. INteresting draw and a good opportunity for an outsider to sneak in.... saves the other unst boys needing to carry him for another 90 mins.
  5. I spoke to David Thompson and he said he hopes to sign for Whitedale as he feels they will give him a better chance at silverware and help him push for a starting place in the County Squad.
  6. ......And so it begins again..... In short, no, I am not able to confirm this, from an Unst perspective we haven't held our AGM yet and it has not been discussed in detail by our players, to my knowledge . As far as I am aware there are no plans afoot for this to happen for the 2012 season (it may/probably will happen eventually). At the moment I think the consensus is that joining Unst and Yell and merging the 2 bottom B league teams will cause more problems than it is worth logistically, and will result in less players playing football. (however it would mean that the mainland teams wouldnt have to bother with a trip to Unst?? )
  7. the reason unst didna hav a rep at the EGM was that our manager was away south at that time and other people were unavailable due to travel snd time commitments, this was unfortunate and something Unst do try to avoid. The earlier meeting had no Unst rep because of a communication mix up after the change of management team. Unst will hopefully have someone in attendance at future meetings.
  8. There is also the point that football in shetland is a hobby, and therefore it is a major commitment to everyone involved, players, managers, comitee members, refs etc. and none of these get the credit they deserve. And therefore sometimes other commitment have to take priority like work, family etc. regarding b league players as discussed above, the point that made unst in particular quite disappointed in the system was when we played whalsay at baltasound and were 5-1 down after 65 mins, whalsay put on an intercounty player up front who then went on to score a hattrick and help them beat us 11-1. Really felt like they were taking the p***!
  9. As far as i know, Unst have neither ex[pected or asked either of the players named above to play for them. And as far as I personally am concerned they should not be playing B league football- they are both too good and should be playing A's and only A's. Although IF they decided that they wanted to represent Unst this season , we would not stop them, but that is something for them to decide/ evaluate all the options. Penfold Unsts squad is almost exactly the same, so another tough season ahead, but we need to get on with it and enjoy it! I would say that I agree with some of the comments made above, the A league should be for A league quality players and I see little point in these players playing B's- but this is upto the individual clubs and I understand that.
  10. Unfortunately, the fiture of shetland fitba onn the whole is probably more important than the Coonty squad right now. Are we even going to have a league for these boys to play in??
  11. Ossie Ardillies will be printing off ANOTHER copy of his CV.....
  12. just to keep you all happy Reserve League Unst 5 v 3 Yell scores for Unst, Jordan Johnson x 3, Ben Johnson and Bruce Johnson Yell, Jack Jamieson x2, unsure who gotr the other. Eventful and incident packed local derby!
  13. Baxter

    fitba squad

    well their are always going to be some disappointed people whenever something like this is announced, and that is understandable especially as their are a few 'surprises,' but it gives other people a chance, and that is a good thing, no?
  14. Its a shame for shetland football really, never good seeing any fixtures decided like this.
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