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  1. I am worried that this " deal with things like roundabouts " came up, as i have witnessed many many drivers half the ages of your re-test spectrum dealing with roundabouts, it seems that the mind set required is - the faster i approach this obstacle in the road the more right of way i have - I would hope our elder and no so aged drivers dont keep up with modern traffic in this way
  2. Thulecraft formerly Thompsons Garage showroom
  3. I think if this cyclist was not aware of an HGV on his back wheel then any other road user must not register with him at all
  4. Witnessed the cyclist who reinforced the image that many have of the like At approx 5pm tonight said cyclist managed to keep an artic bulk tanker and an ever increasing tail of traffic behind him from the sound brae to south past the black gaet junction Whoever you are I hope are happy
  5. Surely da construction phase will be ower whan its operational !
  6. One would then assume that you were on the wrong side of the road if they overtook on the "inside" Why
  7. Da best bag i fell in we wis fae Peerie Jean at da cross,chock a block we chips an da vinegar swillin ida boddim o him
  8. Fairly straight forward Swing bridge from the North Ness to the Loofa Baa and a fixed bridge from there Just requires operation from the port control office (cameras in place already)
  9. As unlinkedstudent sed dat twartree wirds at da ootset spaeks volums. If shus bune lyin lang enyoch wid dey nip her afore onybody kyent whit wis gyan on.
  10. Van Nelle Black and strong
  11. Weel fok i joost tink your maakin a braa styooch oot o dis.
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