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  1. Agreed. I think everyone would have three or four players in instead of some of the players in the current pool but it's all just individual opinions. In the coach's opinion those are the players he thinks wil give him the best chance to win the county and unless people have done the job themselves then it's hard to argue against the selection. I wish them the best o luck for the game against Orkney, let's hope for another victory!
  2. James Aitken scored with about 5 minutes to go. Shetland deserved it but I thought it was a bit flat compared with previous years, only in the last 15 minutes did we really start to dominate and create good chances.
  3. This is an interesting debate and one I've tried to think up possible solutions for which would suit all parties but it is very difficult. With reference to earlier posts about trips to Unst, I've had similar sympathy for both Unst and Yell not being able to sign A players. I went up to Unst for an end of season game with our B team and we won by 4 or 5 nil. We had 3 definite A team starters who played that game and those 3 completely dictated the outcome of the game. In fairness we wouldn't have had 11 players had those boys not offered to play but if we had a 'pure' B team then the score would have been much closer, Unst would have probably won. Maybe if you couldn't play anybody from your named A XI for that whole month then it would stop the really top A players from playing in a league they really shouldn't want to play in. I know i'd feel guilty playing B's and keeping a B player on the bench when I'm playing A's every week. Although sometimes the lists themselves can be quite odd with guys that barely play A's included and some that play nearly all the time excluded, which wouldn't really help my above suggestion!
  4. I think Spurs will be the big challengers to Whalsay but i think it will be 3 in a row for whalsay. Hopefully it will be another tight and competitive league like last season with different sides in contention for the cups.
  5. I know, not many prospective candidates, barely heard any rumours even!
  6. I can see what you are saying and there probably could be a larger training squad, as from what i've heard the turnouts to county training haven't been great in recent years. Training with the best players in Shetland would certainly benefit the players on the perifery but where would you draw the line? You couldn't just let anybody turn up, players might turn up who were utterly hopeless. The manager's job would still be to select their training squad and inevitably it would be the players that they rate the highest.
  7. As far as i'm aware in football the manager always selects the players that they rate the highest. I'd be interested to find out how else you select a squad??
  8. Spain have the best team. But if there was money on the table I'd go for Brazil. But then I voted for Argentina as I agree with jz, they will either be brilliant or rubbish and I'm gonna support them this year. I just hope it's another great tournament and don't really mind who wins... apart from one side!
  9. I think Celtic might win it this year. If Joe Leask and Ross Moncrieff are back for most of the season (and I'm not sure if that's going to happen yet) then they have a great chance. They have a lot of Junior County players that already have a year's A league experience under their belt, plus the likes of Jordan Webb, Jordan Hunter, Paul Grant will all be here for the whole season I believe. If they added a few of the Unst boys they're rumoured to be trying to sign then they will be very hard to beat. Whatever happens I think it's shaping up to be one o the most competitive leagues in a long time, which is great for Shetland fitba!
  10. Scott Morrison is certainly fast, trust me! You've obviously never had to chase after him Piddly!
  11. I have to say when I first heard about this I thought it was all blown out of proportion, an individual being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And like Marshall says, other sports/squads having a gleeful dig at the football squad who (I await the backlash!) they are all jealous of at the end of the day (in terms of importance and column inches i mean!). However, having spoken to various people, fans and competitors alike (including one of the footballers) even I am ashamed of the behaviour of the footballers. I feel sorry for Joe because at the moment he seems to have been singled out, but there are several players who have acted pretty disgracefully and although I voted that there shouldn't be lifetime bans, I think those most culpable should get banned for the rest of the season, certainly at County level and perhaps club level too. For those that know me, I know that I can't talk about getting pished up and having a carry on either in Lerwick on a Sat night or away on fitba trips, lads holidays etc. but you should know when enough is enough. These guys are representing Shetland and should respect their teamates (by this I mean the whole games squad) and their hosts. Fair enough having a good night out after the Saremaa game but from what i'm hearing it was a 3 day bender with some poor scenes at the closing ceremony and airport. It just sounds like their is a lack of cohesion and respect in the squad and the manager and senior players now need to set a firm example to the rest of the current squad and any other younger players that may get into it in the future.
  12. I think its fair enough but I would've thought Scott Morrison would have made it. Dominic Mann is the only other surprise I suppose considering he started against the Western Isles and has now lost out to a few inexperienced attackers but i'm sure the manager has justifiable reasons. Personally I think they'll struggle to score goals in Aland. There's some good Shetland forwards that aren't in the squad for whatever reason. I believe Laurence Pearson doesn't want to play. What about Ross Irvine and Steven Umphrey, anyone know why they aren't involved? Plus the injuries to Ross Jamieson and Stuart Hay means that they're not as strong going forward as we'd like. But it will be interesting to see how they do.
  13. Personally I would rather have seen Richie and Peter as managers but i think the decision taken should stick. What's done is done. There should really be no reason for another vote to be taken, if people are unhappy that Bradley got in they should have been at the original meeting to cast their vote. If they had a problem with this continuity issue, why couldn't that have been sorted before the vote was taken? Are they now going to bring in loads of Lerwick Rangers reps so that they can get extra votes?
  14. It will be interesting to hear the real reasons why he has resigned. I think J.Johnson has done a decent job but i've felt he's never really had solid backing fae da start. It's a very strange time to resign with the challenge of the island games coming up. I don't know who is going to want to commit to this job to try and get the squad prepared in just 9 months. Does anyone think Derrick Bradley would go for it again? I think we all want to see them put up a fight but Shetland 2008 aren't at the same level as the 2005 Shetland. But by the same token you can't really blame the current team if don't build on past successes. It's very difficult to replace players like Stuart Smith, Duncan Bray, Michael Johnson, Bobby Wiseman, Stuart Hay and John Montgomery. Hopefully the new coach can produce the best they can from the current crop.
  15. Unst 3-2 Whalsay Why the hell not?!
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