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  1. Garriock Bros in lerwick (maybe in brae also) sell excatly what your looking for
  2. the rain is differnt nowaday, cost another million to keep out modern rain.....that wasnt speccd
  3. Sea Scouts are a brilliant thing, i was in them for many many years and throughly enjoyed all the aspects of it We did stuff like canoeing, rowing using a sixareen (larger and heavier than a yoal), using rescue boat with outboard, sailing mirrors during my time we were away in places like lochgoilhead mainly doing water based activites and regularly joined up with a scout group from inverness. one of the main highlights i was part of was taking two weeks on a training ship on the south coast of england where we worked along side the crew and learned all kinds about life at sea! Great experience for myself as i ended up working in the merchant navy....as did a few others We also did camping and the regular things scouts did. In my opinion the scouts is far more interesting than the likes of the boy brigrade, purely for the outdoor nature of the things the sea scouts do. its a real shame the lodberrie is being taken away from them! it was a good place to meet and moving there in the spring was really a highlight for the summer! hopefully some arrangement is found!
  4. Lots of retrofit solutions now don't involve wet laying, therefore simple to repair if it goes wrong Yes plan on insulating below the pipes to keep heat heading upwards, aluminium heat plates conduct the heat evenly along floor from pipes
  5. It can be but now there are lots of variations on the market, lower temp usally in screed. But now it can be laid in wooden joist floor construction, just wondering what folks here may have used
  6. Has anyone retro fitted underfloor heating?? looking at fitting some in a bungalow with access under the floor, ive been thinking to do it from below using clippa plates etc anyone with any experience let me know your thoughts Cheers
  7. ill be siting my bins on the pavement with anchorpoints into said pavement.....just that they have to be out on collection day well they can be there 24/7
  8. Lucas at the old north road is usally very fair, fine guy to deal wi and will pick up
  9. i meant island groups within the UK where the recycling rules are applicable, so if we are the only one....wouldn't a dispensation of some kind have been viable? if all our waste went to landfill then i could understand the recycling....or at least recycle what cant be used to heat homes after all many dispensations are given around the UK....like not needing a full driving licence on the small islands so these things are not out with realms of possibility also what was wrong with recycling using plastic bags? why do we need big bins? SIC had a recycling system in place which they stopped... why? and now have totally changed it again why? are these actions not opposite to cost effective management?
  10. Plastic can be burned... though not all plastics will burn correctly and give a good calorific value...
  11. They much have a scrubber, i cant see how it would have got past planning / environment before, new laws on air emission are quite strict. of course if you go down the air pollution route....what's worse...one commercial incinerator for 6000 homes or 6000 open-fires / oil fired boilers or electric heaters all taking power from a diesel engine? fact is anything other than the SHEAP is a step backwards......i can understand us now not being able to build a system which uses waste to heat homes.... but we have it now it exists so surely the govt should have been lobbied to keep the status quo on such a unique set of circumstances do any other island groups exist with a District heating schemes? i know only of housing schemes which have been built with them mainly in england (there was a documentary on them)
  12. I believe this will make the SHEAP plant too expensive in the long term, considering the age of the system its only getting older.... what i wonder is what was in the contracts to folk who had it installed? was there a buy out policy, i,e if they cannot deliver you can get out? or is there a ceiling price for the heat you use?? i live in the town district heating goes to both neighbours i enquired 5 yrs ago about it but they wouldn't take new customers where iam, after speaking with both neighbours one said its not hot enough and the other says its more expensive than the oil heating they had before... most people havent even thought of the recycling implications on SHEAP (the guys that work there know whats going to happen) you would of thought with some proper explanations and discussions (being an island...with a large district heating scheme) fairly unique id say they could of giving a dispensation regarding the recycling rules? dont get me wrong we can still recycle stuff that cant be burnt....but just tailor make it rather than a one size dosent fit all system
  13. What happens at the incinerator when there's much reduced rubbish to burn? district heating wont have a good capacity any more, i guess they will burn diesel....will this put the cost for consumers of district heating up??
  14. its a book well worth a read, shows some seriously corrupt goings on in the OIC,
  15. the problems arent with UPVc vs Wood, the problems are with poorly made, cheap UPVc vs Wood windows..... had 3 yr old plastic windows in my house when i moved in bought south by previous owner, the hinges had seized and they were drafty (poor installiation) vs another house which has 12yr old locally made UPVc and still as good as new the hardwood windows in the house, were ok but they were installed in the 1988 and had no insulation around them or in the dormers.....hence not only were they draughty but also everything around them. replaced with plastic to save the painting.... however there is something nice about a solid wood door, heavier and feels nicer than plastic you pay for what you get at the end of the day
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