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  1. If I wanted to go Xmas shopping in glasgow. Is there anyway of getting larger items shipped home? Maybe through a courier? Like a crate or something. To save being over weight on plane or having to take car.
  2. Hubby has just phoned from work. Roads up to sullom from voe and on are shocking. Heavy ice. Both roads voe to mossbank and voe to brae have accidents on them with heavy tailbacks. Be careful out there people!
  3. We are having problems with our BT broadband. Connection keeps coming and going. All lights on our home hub box are all blue and ok. Signal is working fine at the moment. Anyone else having problems? We stay in Lerwick. Also having problems with 3G on 02. Don't know if this is connected.
  4. In shetland or Aberdeen.... Must be able to deal with Family Law. Thanks
  5. What is everyone's views on this subject. A couple who have a child. They split up and both have new partners and more children with those current partners. Do you think its acceptable for the child to call the step father/mother 'Dad' or 'Mum', when they still have a true father or mother. Who may of been stopped from seeing the child for various malicious reasons and the current partner has only been present in that said childs life for a year. In my own personal opinion i think it is very wrong. If either parent is still trying to stay in contact with that child and be part of their life still i think they only truely have one mother or father. I believe it confuses the child. And the heartache the biological father/mother has to endure is unacceptable. This said if someone is adopted, absent father/mother then yes i believe it is acceptable. I am not in this current situation myself - i am just simply wondering what other peoples views are on it.
  6. We are getting married next year and we aren't keen on having a band playing. More of a disco. Is there anyone in shetland who does this or will i have to rely on a friend with a tape player
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