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  1. I can't help being curious what the downside of doing so might be. Could you perhaps elaborate?
  2. OK, spoke with Tasha today and she is indeed now running Salsa as well as Egyptian (in addition to the long running Zumba). Fridays at Islesburgh Room 12 Salsa 18:00 Egyptian 19:00 £4 per class Contact details: Tasha Polak 07920 440 970 tasha.polak@hotmail.co.uk
  3. I've not seen part 2 yet, but you may want to consider how somebody is likely to look after having recently lost their thumb, then waiting in the bitter cold (summer it may have been, but summery it certainly wasn't) till after two in the morning. \We were all frozen and knackered.
  4. Hmmm. That surely is not in doubt, though the specific tipple of choice has broadened in recent years.
  5. Bernard (Vesternor) has, in his inimitable style, put together a short video with highlights of the SMUHA burning at Hoswick. It is a general truth that when footage is slowed it gets more arty, and that is I think the case with my fire bird. The soundtrack helps too. As for the galley plunging down the slope and subsequently riding the waves without sinking, pure dead brilliant:
  6. I was intending to check before posting, but I think Tasha (Zumba lady) is running some now. Might be a different Latino dance though. I'll find out.
  7. EM

    Hughs fish fight

    That's twice now. Are you immune to hints, or just trying to piss us off?
  8. EM

    Hughs fish fight

    My understanding of the current mackerel disagreement lead me to the conclusion that Faroe and Iceland actually have a pretty good case for what they have done. I certainly have not followed all the machinations of the quota talks, but it is very clear that the fish have moved. They used to be around here, now they are up north. If Faroe and Iceland are treated with disdain, and are not bound by the existing arrangements (as they claim), their action is surely understandable? Fishermen please correct me if I'm missing something fundamental.
  9. The final version ended up with much more footage from Shetland than they originally planned. When watching the first part I was struck by how rarely I was aware of non-Shetland scenery. There are certainly many stunning Shetland vistas, and I expect there will be another "Simon King effect" on the tourism front. The obviously non-Shetland bits are places like the school or police station, which really do not matter. It is important to remember that the TV series is not a documentary, but rather a crime thriller. If people take off their Shetland hats and approach it the same way they would view any other drama, the use of mainland locations is perfectly appropriate. When watching a TV drama set in Skye and there is a shot of a car hurtling along a road, so long as the production is gripping, 99.9% will never question that it might have been shot on the Scottish mainland, or indeed just outside Glasgow. The use of cost efficient locations for such shots is exactly what the BBC/ITV should be doing. Nevertheless, I am chuffed that, although a house on the mainland was used for most of the scenes with Jimmy Perez's abode, there are a couple where they use the "correct" one, namely my house .
  10. Lest we forget what the spirit of UHA is, savour this masterpiece from Cullivoe caught by Kevin Osborn: http://www.erik-moncrieff.com/misc/Cullivoe_UHA_2013_by_Kevin_Osborn.jpg It has nearly half a million views on imgur too: http://imgur.com/gallery/EHLqAMI The flat tire and Louie's summery attire are nice touches .
  11. The organisation has no constitution as such. Certainly nothing resembling the multi-page constitutions most start-up clubs currently adopt. This is because it does not need a constitution. Nowadays clubs usually opt to have complex constitutions because, without them they are unable to apply for public money or achieve charitable status. The Lerwick UHA is financially self-sufficient and thereby is in the enviable position of having significantly greater independence, and need not be burdoned by a constitution. The organisation defining paperwork which does exist is minimal, and merely sufficient to enable the committee to have bank accounts etc. Perfectly legal and, to my mind, a remarkably interesting and effective lesson in how to run such a group. This is completely incorrect. Events such as UHA have to be authorised and licensed. Part of the deal is that the organisers agree to cooperate with the police in marshalling the guizers and spectators. As such, it is a requirement that any public order incidents arising, are dealt with by the marshals and police as a team. In other words, what the public are permitted to do in the area of a licensed event differs from what they may do at other times. Common sense of course, and standard practice throughout the world. Even in Canada I expect. Dream on. There is no doubt whatsoever as to what that would achieve. The whole squad would be suspended for the following year. Simple.
  12. Certainly a pyromania anorak. That I think would be pushing things somewhat. Certainly. Like other enthusiasts, we have sympathy for **** and his situation, but also consider the problems caused to Stevie, the Committee and UHA generally to have been unreasonable. It is very much a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. The Committee were faced with behaviour which was unprecedented and, whatever justification is presented, caused massive disruption to the festival. Had they not delivered a hefty sanction then they would have been unable to sanction other people in future years for lesser misbehaviour. People would have, rightly, claimed that a special case had been made for **** because he was an ex-Jarl. Indeed, as an ex-Jarl, expected standards would be higher.
  13. I am sorry, but this is rubbish, most people dont know they are on the bill until UHA morning. Whit makes him so special? Why are you making an issue of this? Surely **** would be wanting this whole mess to die down? After all its down to him that its been brought up again! As another ex-jarl stated in the paper, if **** had kept his head down and laughed it off then it would all be forgotten about. Its his OWN actions that have caused a stir. Indeed. I also wonder what smileyface is hoping to achieve with their postings. It just seems to be throwing about more negativity. Worse, the facts of the matter are being twisted in a most lamentable manner. My advice to smileyface would be to, at the very least, check on the veracity of matters they believe to be facts before posting. For example: This completely misrepresents what happened and gives the impression that the committee member was doing something nasty. My understanding is that they were both having a friendly yarn and dram at the time. The bill had, as usual, already been unveiled many hours earlier at the signing. Were I the committee member, I would be unimpressed by the negative spin smileyface has presented.
  14. EM


    Perhaps because... We may have a right to speak (relatively) freely, but we also have a duty to condemn evil. Biblical sharn such as the ST letter is, to my mind, evil.
  15. Without meaning to join the "ban em all" camp (which would be hypocritical) I wonder: Surely wringing its neck is the quickest, surest, and thereby most humane option in such a scenario. Cheapest too.
  16. Spot the mod : http://www.erik-moncrieff.com/misc/PussyRioter.jpg
  17. If you do that in a boat, you might sink .
  18. I'm surprised nobody has commented on the Ace of Spades "easter egg" within the head. A nice touch: http://www.erik-moncrieff.com/misc/SpadeHead2013.jpg
  19. The BBC have not yet set the transmission dates. The first half was previewed at Mareel in November. I note on Ms Cleeves' site that there is apparently another screening scheduled at Mareel on the afternoon of the Wednesday UHA holiday next week. I don't see any mention of this at the Shetland Box Office, Mareel or Facecloot sites. The screens appear to be showing normal release material on Wednesday afternoon, so perhaps it was an idea which is not actually going to happen.
  20. Now that the existing Hjaltland moulding has been retired, it would indeed be nice to install it somewhere in the Hay's Dock cultural quarter. It is a masterpiece.
  21. Yep. Soon as I hear the term "common law" I yawn and prepare for lots of selfish and naive huffing and puffing.
  22. I doubt if there has ever been a teetotal squad, It is an interesting question. In the early years of the festival a very large number of the Jarls, main organisers and participants were teetotal members of temperance movements such as the Rechabites. This is well known, but I'm not aware if any squad was ever 100% teetotal. It would not surprise me if there were.
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