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  1. All very fair points. I was just wondering if you had any proposals which are not currently done. The committee takes pretty much that line and does indeed periodically sanction squads and guizers. The self regulation by squads you mention is indeed quite active, indeed it is not unknown for remorseful guizers to sanction themselves to avoid action needing to be taken further up the line.
  2. I've got one of them. Wasn't it something to do with the Leslie family?
  3. When Julien Temple was at Screenplay he mentioned that there is a campaign for maverick guitar legend and amateur astronomer Wilko Johnson to succeed Moore. They have a petition: http://www.facebook.com/groups/158602003742/
  4. Actually they do go to St Andrews on their way back. Yes. Yes. And?
  5. No, it was not so long ago. In September 2011 they were still adamant the project would come in within budget:
  6. And the other one? Was it already cancelled or is it still happening?
  7. ^ Do you also think Christmas ought to be moved to the weekend? If not, why? In any case, I think you'll not find much support from those involved. I certainly haven't noticed any dissent at any of the October mass meetings when the date for each festival is proposed .
  8. Lots and lots has been written about this already on Shetlink, so I'll just point out again a couple of the problems with dropping the Wednesday holiday. Firstly, there would be a humongous shortage of available bus drivers due to so many having worked through the night. Accordingly, of all the days in the year for the SIC to designate as a local holiday, the Wednesday looks least problematic. The second point is that it is not an "extra" holiday, so dropping it would not be a simple matter.
  9. That article was indeed about locating an historic place with an eagle derived name in Bressay, and does not relate to the North Isles tale. The article was "The facts in the case of Arentsburg" and it appeared in the Summer 2010 edition.
  10. There are a large number of descendants of the couple. They are called "Eagle bairns." Gussie Angus is one, for example.
  11. It is pyromania season again! Mass meeting tonight 30th October, 19:30 at the Garrison Theatre.
  12. This is interesting. As a toonie with only toonie parents and grandparents, my dialect is clearly less trad than many. Consequently I'm certainly in no position to challenge that construction. Nevertheless it does seem surprising. I would have used 'Der's a hatter...,' as in 'There is a hatter...' Is that a toonie development?
  13. EM


    What subsidies does Hays Dock cafe restaurant get? Longdog appears to be shaet-stirring. It is a standard company with its own accounts, business plan etc. It has not been subsidised and like other companies is designed to be profitable. In line with standard start-up practice, it was not planned to generate surpluses in its initial years, but is indeed currently profitable.
  14. Yes, precisely so. Even with that clarification, I found the whole post to be somewhat havering. For instance: "I'm putting it to all the councils in the Northern Isles" ... ?? Presumably not the SIC and OIC, but should that be councillors, or community councils? It isn't at all clear what voicebox is saying. If they hope to achieve anything then I suggest some attention to clarity of statement. As for the plea for unity itself, I personally found its effect to be divisive, being as I am a toonie. One person's unity is another's division I suppose.
  15. The OP indicates over 18s. No, it is both. Saturday is for over 18s, but the Friday event is for over 16s.
  16. Well that is that clarified.
  17. ^ Yes, that was the story.
  18. I've been wondering about that too. That can't be done. The contract they had was not just to provide the art work, but also to find the budget to realise it. In other words they should have already been paid to find the money. I have not noticed any statements about any change in that arrangement. I think you picked it up correctly. The original commission was for the permanent Mareel installations, and the idea of having the temporary "around Shetland" ones was added later. It is all very strange.
  19. Well, while you are at it, please note that mareel is actually phosphorescence, not phosphorence. The Norsky is morild and the Icelandic is maurildi, which was also the name of the Lerwick galley in 1925. Very true.
  20. Might be worthwhile giving Andrew Tait a call. He's not a stockist, but usually has a sizeable stock of all sorts of interesting sheeting for his CNC machining business in Burra. http://www.cam-craft.com The contact page seems to be broken just now, so here are the firm's details: CAMcraft Sandvik Bridge End, Burra Shetland, ZE2 9LD andrew@cam-craft.com Tel: 01595 859040 Mobile: 07900 950714
  21. Concerning the issue of reserved/unreserved cinema seating I see that they have decided to change to something which is neither one or the other, supposedly a "best allocated seats" system: http://www.shetlandarts.org/seating-in-mareel-cinema-update/ This may be an improvement for some, but I think it is worse than either reserved or unreserved. The point is that "best" varies dramatically for different punters. Some people want to be near the middle of a row for sightline reasons, others I know panic if they are not near the aisle (weak bladders). Most people prefer not to be in the front rows, whereas some like to be there. The new system will not allow any kind of choice. If they persist with it, I hope they at least modify it to allow a rough preference for front, middle, back, and row middle/end.
  22. In the Shetland Times article about the upcoming Cerys Matthews event in Mareel I noted the following: Intrigued I checked further and found that Wikipedia used the same term. Given the holy nature of the named collective, it would appear more likely that sacred was originally meant. Maybe sacred music is scary for some. Gave me a chuckle at any rate. Despite not being a God squad type myself, I think the concert looks really good.
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