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  1. I think that this is also entirely dependent on the specific usage. When it comes across as being affected and artificial then it is probably best avoided. On the other hand, I have many a time greatly enjoyed hearing humorous tales related where adoption of dialect has been masterfully achieved. In particular the dry Whalsay wit is almost always enhanced when pronounced with a Whalsay accent. I should stress that I consider both the wit and the accent to be amongst Shetland's greatest cultural gems.
  2. Exactly so. It was the way the term was used which led to the action, not just the word. Excellent to hear such good sense. Your position is more common than some may realise.
  3. I agree, but I would also maintain that neither are racist. The first statement is also wrong. It was not the use of the term 'soothmoother' but rather the context in which it was used. As is often stated, the term itself is not traditionally considered insulting. It looks like the word will end up evolving into such, but this need not be so.
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