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  1. Please sign these if you are as angry as me: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Stop-MP-Expenses/ http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/expenses-fraud/ [***mod edit - thread merged with existing topic ***]
  2. (** merged **) Any one realise this was happening this morning? http://www.earthquakes.bgs.ac.uk/helicorder/heli.html (Click the view button) Wonder where it was on the Richter scale...
  3. MARVIN - Sorry just noticed, can you not get freeview? If not I would seriously consider either not getting it, or better using it along with free sat or something? We can't get Freeview, and although BT Vision's content is really good, its a pain having to watch analogue channels... I understand completely what you mean about current media like the news...
  4. At the moment there is no current media like news on the ON DEMAND - because of the format (no-one is going to stream BBC or SKY news, when its on freeview??) - but as I said BT Vision allows you to watch all the Freeview channels, so there is plenty of news etc there. oh and yes there is Pokemon & Spongebob ON DEMAND...
  5. It's through BT Broadband I'm afraid...
  6. I have had BT vision for about a year now, I got it when it first came out. I have never had any streaming problems, but that's mainly due to the fact the Home Hub gives a bigger percentage of the bandwidth to the BT vision box over your computer for example (worth noting there is no noticeable dip in your computer's internet speed when used together). There is a huge selection of popular TV programs, loads of pretty recent films (as good if not better than SKY box office). One thing to mention is that you have to pay extra for SPORT (Setanta), and films are strictly pay per view. I
  7. Absolutely Brilliant! Met him at the Lounge after - really nice chap.
  8. ...also: loyalty, philanthropy, and chastity...
  9. Tax evasion - what are accountants for...? "Far from avoiding tax, Tesco is a top 10 UK taxpayer, contributing more than £1 billion to the Exchequer last year,"
  10. "Support your local shop", "Local's best" Just how much of the produce in a local shop are actually sourced "locally"? Milk, Tatties & some veg (depending on shop & time of year) Butter Meat (sometimes) Anything else? 90% + of the stock comes from one of the two local wholesalers - Most of the sourcing at the wholesalers is done from fruit and veg markets south and slaughter houses south / Orkney (repackaged as Shetland meat once carved). Support your local shop - more like support your local Wholesaler??
  11. I can't see that this is going to benefit any other "citizen" (possibly tax status? complicated?) other than his exellency, considering he's the only person that lives there... in a tent... on his own.... ...and IF he sells the 8000 "landowning citizen" plots at the current rate: £120 that makes mister stuart a very rich man, maybe not so stupid after all...
  12. Njugle as you'll notice, I wasn't there during said incident. ...hence apparently... I was told this had happened by an APPARENTLY trust worthy source... My feelings on the man and his food remain... Now go shake your moderatory stick at someone else
  13. The management of the co-op is a joke. Yeah, yeah their busy - so what?! Get more staff, train them well, have every single checkout open etc. I agree with fratelli completely, I couldnt give two hoots about the "local shop", I do care about my wallet however... You tell 'em Salmon! Yeah as long as its not me...
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