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  1. It has never been warmer . . . yeah right! http://snag.gy/BztF1.jpg
  2. The "Mawson Expotition" 2013 In Which Christopher Robin shows himself to be an UTTER Prat. Cartoon of the week from the ridiculous Alarmist Blog "Skeptical " "Science" The irony is at least 4 metres thick and frozen solid http://www.skepticalscience.com//pics/2013Toon52.jpg
  3. Thanks Wheelsup. So Yuletide has been superseded by Christmas? Oh well , these things change.
  4. Greetings from Godzone. Can someone help me translate this into Norn? Or whatever dialect would be used today? " Gledhilig jol og eydnurikt nyggjar!" regards to the rellies Jamie Tait-Jamieson N.Z.
  5. This try isn't too bad either, enhanced by the identity of the opposition; Yes!
  6. No doubt that Wales should have put the French out of their misery. But the Aussies are feeling pretty miserable; I'm picking Wales to do the decent thing. http://nz.sports.yahoo.com/rugby/world-cup/news/article/-/10489999/wales-team-to-play-australia-at-world-cup/
  7. Artie Shaw's personal theme song;
  8. A Duke Ellington composition that you have never heard:
  9. [***Mod edit - merged threads***]
  10. FB: It was you who said "unprecedented". Do you now admit that there is some doubt about that exact point? " Just because you can find a random decade somewhere in the temperature record where temps rose faster doesn't prove anything."
  11. How do you know how much ice was there 1000 years ago? 100 years ago? Nobody does, because records are only available since 1970 something. Indeed. You're onto it. Anyone who says "unprecedented" is an alarmist talking through a hole in his head.
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