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  1. the best that i have found is xc weather, although windy is better for the wind
  2. the location and size usually dictates what spec of glass is used, the fact that your unit is toughened on the inside means that it it either in a door, adjacent to a door or has a cill that is less then 800mm from the floor, if it isnt you can just use normal 6mm laminate
  3. the building regs wont have any effect on the warranty of the windows, the building regs are only worried about u value, ventilation requirements, emergency escape requirements and location of safety glass etc. am i right in thinking that you purchased the windows from the supplier then got some one different to fit them? what make are the windows? for example nordan offer a 10 year warranty although with a massive list of exclusions, maybe you arent shouting loud enough and need to be more assertive that you are not just going to back down, although i think you will have a hard time proving the cause of the breakage.
  4. if you are talking about the swan net gundry shed then it has nothing to do with salmon nets, they make and repair pelagic nets aswell as stock rope and various other trawler hardware, i wonder if this is what has been referred to numerous times as the "net washing facility"
  5. Are sure it's not the gut factory, Shetland Catch or the various other fish processors in the area? I worked at the Marina Business Park for a couple of years and I was never aware of any smell around there. i was wondering where exactly this net washing plant is, i thought the only one was in scalloway
  6. it looked like a very amateur production, i was expecting to see more about how the boat works, maybe show a bit about the engine room, the galley or even show it from a day in the life perspective.
  7. i treat it as a road as that is what it is, it is not a zebra crossing so i dont treat it as such, the guy giving you the finger is probably just having a bad day
  8. just seems strange to me especially as she should have been told to keep the dog away, perhaps he was asking her to keep her dog away, so the guy should lose his job because he doesnt like dogs?
  9. she should have been asked when setting up the appointment whether or not there were any dogs in the house as well as whether there are any parking restrictions, is the meter accessible etc i presume that she told them that she did have a dog so it seems strange to me that she would answer the door with it in her arms. iv recently had a meter changed and i was told that dogs should be locked in another room and had no problems with the meter man despite his english not being perfect
  10. so you would happily move the fisheries college from scalloway to the toon, will this not have a negative impact on scalloway? or does that not matter? as for the video conferencing, it would be easy to set it up any where with an internet connection
  11. if you are talking about the sullom voe power station, it already supplies about 40% of the grid and could power all of shetland with some upgrades and an upgrade to the local grid
  12. think i will just leave this here https://bbc.co.uk/news/business-44905576
  13. a few dozen vikings with axes, maybe they are planning to put them to use
  14. i would say that if you get work and leave a good job and dont take the piss you will get more work than you can manage, on the other hand if you leave a bad job it will not take long to get a bad name and word travels fast in shetland
  15. they should last 20+ years depending on the quality, it shouldnt be failing after 2 years, was it locally made? or was it ordered from south?
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