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  1. Unst runway. i meant tae reply tae me ither topic but i accidentally clicked on new topic. wooops
  2. Me minds blank daday. I cana mind bein on da fone tae onybody haha wha is du?
  3. HAHA hows du ken am efter struts fur a focus? yeah....hoopfully da gates open!
  4. Och an dare wis me excited aboot scrannin twa front struts. och weel, du says 'meant tae be' im i right in sayin it can stil b accessed...by climbin ower big fences n stuff?
  5. how on earth did i manage yun haha
  6. Is it still accessable? no padlocked shut?
  7. Wits da deal wi da yell scrappy, can u still git intae it?? An da unst runway...accessable??
  8. Me mider an fader's vauxhall zafira is SA53BJA which is me mams name, 2003, me faders name. C10BLM Is me friends numberplate on his astra, Conon ben Laurence Mackenzie. H1 VOE <<< hi voe? wha owns dat een? I wis lookin at buyin an isuzu trooper a while back an havin da personalised numberplate 'st02ppr' or 'tr02per' Strooper or Trooper. tr02ppr wis aboot 4000 an st02ppr wis aboot 200. How do d price da number plates i winder. Tae hae my focus changed fae NA02ZKP tae NA02SJA wis nearly 500 pound, fur changin da 3 random letters! Don't understand how d work dir prices.
  9. Anybody else find road rage is provoked with sheep on single track roads? Anyone ever hit a sheep? How much damage did it do? My cars off the road just now and it was abandoned in town for a week, fixed the suspension and was being towed home, 20mph in the south end of burra on a rainy night when i could barely see the vehicle towing me because of the water spray, about 10 sheep decided to cross the path of the vehicle towing me. The guy said he was ready too mow all those sheep down, he couldn't brake because he was towing me and he knew i couldn't see clearly. If that ever came to anything, would the guy who was towing me get any money from the sheep owners for damage to his vehicle, or would the owner of the sheep get money for the loss of sheep?
  10. haha james dis is y dus better aff wi d corsa. och weel
  11. (** MOD EDIT ** - Content Removed)
  12. far i ken Scalloway Does Them. Donno aboot da toon chip shops tho
  13. ians maks me seek! Yuck, cheap n nasty, but d cost a fortune!!
  14. haha sitting in the car at somerfields, i witnessed two men loading a trolley into the back of a blue ford transit......hahaha heros.
  15. Personally i prefer da fort!! Although sometimes de hiv bad batches o chips, an da happy haddock is a bit cheaper.
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