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  1. Why do cyclists complain about car drivers not taking care then drive practically invisibly????? I only just missed a cyclist today while driving into town in the fog because he had NO lights on, NO high visibility clothing and was driving in the middle of the road. Guess who would have been done had said cyclist been hit?!?! PLEASE make sure you can been seen cyclist coz I for one don't want and accident on my conscience!
  2. We got ours from 60 north for between 10-15 quid each
  3. When we have problems with ours that's one of the first things I do. Unplug it and take all the wires out the box then leave it a minute or so and put it all back. Have to say it's worked every time (so far!)
  4. We got some brand new tyres from 60 degrees north for £20 each then got them fitted at Christies in Sandwick.
  5. We used Ian Reid as well for our move up from London. Very good
  6. Let's hope they won't be as extortionately priced as they were last time!
  7. I see from the article that they run the Woolwich ferry that crosses the river Thames. Having used that many times when I lived in the area, let's hope they do a better job of the service up here!!
  8. Wonder if it's the same person that almost crashed into me when they overtook someone on the bend after Levenwick the other week. They seemed totally oblivious to what they'd done wrong even though they missed my car by no more than a couple of feet!!!!!
  9. Can anyone tell me who we aply to for a grant please? Moved into our house last year and have since found out there's pretty much NO insulation at all!!! Thanks in advance
  10. Cheaper fuel (both domestic and motor!), Lidl coz they have a good variety at good prices, Primark if for nothing else for cheap clothes for the kids, a pound shop! (sure I'm dreaming there!) oh and hell why not ...... how about a KFC!!!!!!!!
  11. Looks pants! Ah well at least it's not snowing like it was this time last year
  12. Well we personally enjoyed it and as was said before it was FREE!
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